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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone, I recently acquired a watch that I've long considered a "grail". A JLC Memovox. Specifically, the reference E875 ("Speed Beat") with a calibre 916. I got it for really good price and it is in full original condition. It's still running quite well, but I do want to service it. I found the service manual online (attached) and it seems to be doable. JLC 916.pdf But I'd still be grateful for any tips!! One specific question I have is related to the mainspring barrel. The manual says that the barrel "should never be opened. In case of defect, replace the whole barrel assembly". Now, I've opened "do not open"-barrels before and reused them with no problems. And there are other threads discussing this matter in a more general way. But I'd be very grateful if anyone had specific knowledge of this movement or other JLC movements from the 1970s. Obviously, it's impossible to source a NOS barrel complete for this movement (and even if, the breaking grease and arbor lubrication would not be in good condition anymore). So I'm left with only two options: open the barrel as usual or just leave it closed and reuse. (Well, or I pay 4-digit service costs at JLC/Richmond group.)
  2. Hi everyone, does anyone know how to open this kind of barrel?? I'm working on a Jubilee watch with CRC 862 movement and it's been driving me nuts. I tried the usual way to pop off the top (pressing evenly on either side of barrel body wheel) but it doesn't seem to be budging and I don't want to force it. Any suggestions? Thanks for reading!
  3. This Kienzle Markant has a mainspring arbor that is part of the barrel lid (top of pic). The challenge is to wind the spring around the arbor, then insert it into the barrel. Has anyone dealt with this before, and is there a tool to do it? I cannot see how a "standard" mainspring winder will handle this...
  4. Hi I'm trying to figure out how to reassemble this mainspring the mouvement is Felsa 4017N . I join photo As you can see the arbor seems to be sealed on the wheel I tried to free him but there are some dents that prevent this. It seems to be one piece. I've replaced replace the spring into the barrel but can't place the arbor in place ??? Thanks for your suggestions
  5. Hello, Another first for me. I'm attempting to repair a friend's antique watch, and not until after cleaning did I notice a bent tooth on the barrel. The original mainspring had snapped and I wondered if any damage had occurred when this happened, but on inspection, the jewel holes all look fine, it's just this tooth shown in the photos that concerns me now. So my question/dilemma is, do I attempt to straighten it, and if so, what would be the best technique to do this without causing further damage or snapping the tooth off? I'm very much doubting that leaving it alone will be an option as I'm sure that the watch will stop when the centre wheel pinion meshes with it, though I've not actually reassembled the train yet. I guess my biggest hope would be to get a replacement barrel. I'm pretty sure the movement is from c.1928 as it has a gold hallmarked case to date it. And although I also know it's an early ETA movement, I am unable to identify the calibre (see photo). Again, if anybody recognises it, that would be fantastic. Many thanks, Adam
  6. Everything is going well on my ETA rebuild, but I got the new mainspring in and this is what it looks like. My Seikos all have a really snug twisting shove required to engage the arbor, then an audible 'click' when the arbor lug engages the mainspring slot. Any suggestions on adjusting the grip - if I do nothing, the watch won't wind....
  7. Hi All, I've been reading a lot on barrel and main spring lubrication and find two distinct "factions", those that lube the mainspring outside of the barrel and those that lube the main spring inside the barrel. I would tend to think that lubing the mainspring outside of the barrel is far more thorough and complete but wanted to know others thoughts on this if at all possible? Thanks in advance for any feedback on this!
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