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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, I'm relatively new to watchmaking. Having serviced a few watches already, but I so far dodged more involved repairs. I was working on a nice Vostok watch. I have disassembled, cleaned, reassembled and lubricated the movement. One of the last steps were to reseat the balance complete. The balance didn't want to move freely so I had to take out and put it back a few times. I could have been too hard with the part or maybe the hairspring wasn't connected well enough. All in all, the hairspring got disconnected from the balance cock. My main problem now is that I don't recognize the substance/adhesive that the hairspring was connected with originally. It's a relatively tidy job so I think it was done in the factory but it's not shellac. I don't know if this can be warmed up so I can offer back the hairspring or should it be removed and replaced with an equivalent adhesive substance. The hairspring is OK as far as I can tell. Please kindly help me formulate a repair plan for this part. I would like to repair this part myself. I can easily source a replacement balance complete but I would like to learn how to deal with this. And now the pictures.
  2. Hello! Does anyone know where I could get a balance complete for a Zenith 136 movement? Thank you! Bogdan
  3. Hello, As a beginner in the field of watch service/repair I have stumbled through a few movements and picked up so much value and guidance through Mark's videos. Lately I have taken a fancy to a couple of old Revue Sport watches with Revue 56 movements. These are supposedly late 30's or early 40's and the ones I have are fitted with Incabloc protection even though I have understood and seen examples on the web that the non-inca may be more common. In one of my movements I have a broken balance pivot and would prefer to swap out the complete balance (# 721) for a new one as I don't have the tools/skills yet to swap out the staff only. I find that there are different versions for the staff (inca/non-inca) available and the dimensions are close to identical, there's only a diameter that differs very slightly in the numbers. I have found suppliers for the 721 non-inca balance complete part and my question is if that part will run in my inca version of the movement? With the overall staff length identical between the staff versions, there should be a decent chance or...? Grateful for any advice out there... /B
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