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Found 6 results

  1. Today I show off what is probably the most accurate Seiko NH35 in existence. Let's see what this brand spankin' new Invicta does on the timegrapher: Oof. Ya hate ta see it. I know these numbers aren't anything to cry over for an 80 dollar automatic, but considering how these days microbrands stick this movement in watches costing hundreds more, and Seiko themselves with the equivalent 4R in watches costing even more, it's just not great. The rate itself to me is a trivial matter as nudging on the regulator is a trivial task. But what speaks to the quality of a movement in my eyes is the consistency of that rate in different positions. With 12 seconds per day difference across positions, middling amplitude, and fluctuating rate while static, albeit slight, is all just a bit "meh" to me. Let's crack it open and see what we can do. . Hairspring seems to be pulling towards stud. Hairspring removed from balance and mounted on cock and we can see the full extent of the malformity. That collet is a good ways off from the jewel. Few hours of sweat later: Much better! Regulator now runs the full length of the terminal curve without disturbance and collet is centered on jewel. Let's check out what else I saw: Some places are absolutely flooded. While others just barely got any. A good thing I intervened. This thing needed to be redone top to bottom. Stripped apart, ready to get rid of the crappy factory lube job, and get a real, proper lube job. All put together, lubed, and few rounds of dynamic poising later: Massive boost in amplitude, runs on rails and a measly 1 second difference across all positions. Wasn't lying when I said "probably the most accurate Seiko NH35 in existence." See for yourself. Isn't it at the moment a bit of a waste that this souped up NH35 is being trapped inside its Invicta skin? What do you think?
  2. Hi all Does anyone know of a video showing the adjustment of a Rolex using the latest micro stella tool?
  3. Hello again. I was checking the performance of my Strela chronograph (Poljot 3133) and found an interesting anomaly. By looking at the timing graph, I would say that aside from the watch needing some adjustment, one of the two swings seem to be inconsistent. Am I right in stating that? I was pretty confident that I will find some obvious problem with the impulse pin, pallet jewel, or escapement. But taking these parts out of the movement and reviewing them under the microscope did not reveal any obvious problem. Nothing seems loose, damaged or bent. I then cleaned the parts and put them back in the movement and as expected got the same anomaly on the graph. I am very much in the mood to disassemble, clean and oil the whole mechanism but before I go there, I thought it may be a good idea to check with the forum on what is likely causing this behavior. I am attaching some photographs of the parts but they were made with my phone pointed through the eyepiece of the microscope and may not contain enough details. Guess I should also say that this is the first time I will be fully disassembling a chronograph. Cheers!
  4. Cheers mates.. Have just cleaned and oiled and put toghter an ETA 2872 yesterday. The movment started just fine , but after a while it started to run like h......it when like 5 min gain in one hour. And when I tried to adjust it with the speed stud while I had in he timegrapher, I did not get any change, nor either when I tried to adjust the beat error stud. The timegrapher just show dots all over the screen, and sometimes the timegrapher did not show the imput on the screen, but I can hear the beat sound from the watch all the time. ( have tried it with other watches, so there is no error with the timegrapher) Where to start adressing the problems??? Help!!
  5. Hey, I need some help and advise; The second central sweep hand on my Wakmann triple date frequently rubs against the minute hand. While trying to adjust it I realized that it sits without having a collet; meaning there is a hole in the hand and no little tubing collet attached to it. No wonder it tilts to the side from time to time. The question is: did you ever see a central sweep seconds hand without this little collet attached to it? If I realize that it was broken by the previous owner at one point, I will look for the 0.25 hole replacement hand.
  6. Another excellent video produced by the Litiz Watch Technicum on adjusting a hairspring correctly. Very video on their YT Channel is worth watching, and this latest one is no exception. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EYk787sjAM
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