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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone! Since im starting my apprenticeship in a few weeks I wanted to get myself a good set of screwdrivers for my workbench at home! For the last two years I have been woking on my projects and watches with only four sizes of the ergonomic Bergeon 6899 line! While I did enjoy the lighweight and rubber feature of these screwdrivers, I have heard that the elastomer grip comes loose over the years and I must say that I miss the weight of the tool in my hand! That is why I am looking for a set of full metal screwdrivers which will hopefully.. last me many many years! Now these are the Brand and Models that interest me the most: Horotec : Now in terms of Horotec I am really only interested in one set, which is the horotec msa01.218E. This is a 12 size set with 21 replacement blades on a rotating stand. Price wise it is also the maximum which I would want to spend! I really like the knurling however I am not sure about the size of the bearing loaded screwhead, it seems to be a bit smaller/slimmer that what I am used to untill now! Plus points however for the addition of a cheap driver drum for extra handling! Bergeon: Now I was surprised to find how cheap some bergeon sets can be, but to be honest, im also inclined to buy something else, just because of the hype of the brand and because I would just want to try out a new screwdriver producer! Here I was eyeing at entry set of the 30081 or the higher end sets of the newer 7965 , which replicate Horotecs knurling. VOH: There was very little review of feedback about this brand online and I only by chance stumbled upon them. Apperently they are the best of the best? I would love to hear any experiences or opinions on the brand and the quality/durability of their screwdrivers! However I must say the image of this underdog brand does appeal to me! I would also be interested in the sets that you use professionally, at home or whatever! Please share your opinions or recomendations about any information which you find relevant! And if someone maybe has a spare set lying around which they are willing to sell, I would also be happy about a PM! Thanks alot!
  2. Hi Guys, Found this article on the new premium screwdrivers being offered by Bergeon ... nice piece of kit. Can't find them to buy online yet, so I have no idea of the price; but I expect it will be shocking :P Here's the link: http://www.jewelrytraderesources.com/2014/07/02/bergeon-7965-watchmakers-screwdriver-special-knurled-profile/
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