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Found 2 results

  1. Omega 620 Complete Service I'm servicing a nice vintage Omega DeVille for a friend at work, and I promised her I'd post a walkthough of the service online so she could see the progress. It's an old 2 hand mechanical, which is rare to find in the DeVille range these days, and it has nice patina on the Dial. Along with the service to the movement, it will need a new leather strap, as the original one has succumb to age. I'm glad that the glass is in good condition, as replicating it would be an endeavour to say the least; and fitting a standard flat glass would take away from the elegance of this timepiece. It's only fitted with a dust-proof snap back, so I was expecting to see the normal amounts of corrosion on the stem, and keyless work. But I was pleasantly surprised to find virtually no corrosion on the stem or movement. So this watch has definitely been well looked after, and from the markings inside the Caseback it has also seen it's share of trips to the watchmaker for servicing in it's lifetime. From my initial inspection the first issue I noted was a suspected broken Mainspring, as the Crown spun freely whilst in the winding position with no resistance felt against the Click. Now the watch is open, and can see there is damage to the Crown Wheel and Ratchet Wheel, I am even more confident my first thoughts were correct; but I'll know for sure when I open the Barrel. There are also a couple of fibres inside the case. You can see one here resting on the incabloc setting of the Balance. So a good clean and service, along with a new Mainspring, should see this little 620 movement running nicely for my work colleague. I don't have time to strip the movement and remove the Barrel until the weekend. But in the meantime I will get pre-approval for the purchase of a new Mainspring from the owner, so once I've removed the Barrel and confirmed it's broken I can place the order. Is the Mainspring truly broken? Will the owner agree to spring for a new Mainspring? Does Mark enjoy wearing 70's disco outfits at that Retro Nights more than he lets on? All these questions and more will be answered in the next episode!! So stay tuned .... same Watch Time, same Watch Channel!!
  2. Hello all, With my success (through this forum's help) on my classic Rado, I've decided to try another battery replacement on what I believe is a more complicated watch. I've not worn this watch for decades due to outrageous price for battery replacement. However, with this forum I hope I can get some help on how to do this properly. There are four screws on each corner of the backing. I believe the screws are holding the top case with the glass or crystal thus access is through the crystal. However, if this is the case how do you remove the winder's crown to access the back of the movement? I do not believe the four screws are holding the stainless steel backing for the stainless steel backing also holds the wrist band unit. Any help is greatly appreciated. Here's a couple of pics.
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