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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, so I recently got a seiko 5 snk809 and it was working fine, I then decided to regulate it as it was losing about 1 minute a day. After I regulated it it was working fine then stopped so I shook it to wind it up and then it started working. After 5 minutes it stopped again so I wound it up and it would work but then stop after a couple of minutes. I checked to see if the watch was being winded and it was, so the watch had power but just wouldn't move, I dont know why this is, the watch has power but will only run for a minute or two when I shake it, this hasn't happened before to this watch
  2. Howdy, Well, this is my first effort of a watch repair. I have been fascinated with watches, clocks and all kinds of mechanical things since a young age. I decided at this time that working on watches would be a great hobby/interest to take up in my later years. I have already spent some time learning to refurbish and repair fishing reels in the last few years. So here is my first repair attempt. Interest in tinkering watches started when I dropped my Seiko SKX009KD diver to the tile floor in the bathroom. Was not too good an idea to put a watch on there with a towel th
  3. Hi all, i have no experience repairing watches but I am a pretty hands on and mechanical guy. I am looking for some advice for my Seiko SNZG15, 7s26 movement. It's a pretty cheap watch so I have a feeling it might not be worth taking to a professional to repair. I will explain what happened and I hope that someone here can offer some advice. I have worn the watch for three years straight. I was taking it off the other night and it slipped out of my hand and hit the floor face down. The Seiko emblem bent out from the face with the S still flush on the face and the o sticking out a bit, jus
  4. Hi my friends. I saw WRT video in youtube. It's so helpful to me. Thank you Watch Repair Channel. After watching video, I'm looking for watch repair oil and grease. I want know what oil & grease need to beginner. In addition, I want know what oil &grease used in video (7s26 repiar video). If anyone knew about that, help my work. I will very appreciate any information or links. Thank you to read my poor writing.
  5. I need to source a "Date Indicator Maintaining Plate" #0808-300 for a 7S26 "C" movement. I'm building a franken movement out of an "A" and "C" model and Seiko changed this plate. Any ideas as to sources? Thanks, RMD
  6. At 7:34 in part 2 you were able to turn the gear train by turning the screw on the ratchet wheel. when I assembled up to that point the ratchet wheel wouldn’t budge but the gears can spin freely. Any suggestions?
  7. Hello , I am from Houston. I have gotten in to modding watches particulary seiko skx007 , snk809. I'm not a professional I'm here to learn so I'm open to all suggestions. I will need help from time to time lol. BR, Haris
  8. Hi There, I live in the UK and I'm learning how to service the Seiko 7s26 thanks to your Youtube Channel. I'm looking for parts so I thought I would join the talk to learn from others.
  9. HI EVERYONE ...I had a Seiko5 SNZG15K1 ...I started playing around with the regulator and bought a timegraph 1000 ... anyways as I was moving the beat lever the hairspring stopped . I removed the spring , wheel and cock and the spring was a mess. I just want to know do these watches come ready to regulate or do you have to turn the brass stay bits on the end that hold the spring ..I think that the spring jumped on mine .but at the time I wasn't thinking straight and ran to disassemble it when I should of looked a bit closer back then ..Thanks Lenny...........
  10. This is my first disassembly. The movement is a 7s26 from a Seiko 5 watch. It was running a few minutes at a time before disassembly. The oscillating weight was in two pieces. It appears the three pins(?) have all broken. My questions are: Can this be repaired? Is it as simple as pushing the broken pins out and replacement? What tool would I need to perform such a repair. I know I can replace the complete oscillating weight, but what fun would that be? Thanks for your time and knowledge,
  11. Hi I saw the youtube about "Setting a watch in beat - watch repair regulating lessons"Great video. What I don't get is: How do I see the banking pins and the impulse jewel ? do I have to take some parts apart? Thanks
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