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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys.. Sharing some pics of my latest purchase. An early Seiko 5. This was for sale on local facebook page and I got it for MYR177 plus MYR10 for shipping. That's less than USD50 all in. I'm not a fan of these ridged bezels but I was drawn to the clean face as these are getting harder to find. The case back is from Nov '67. Seiko went from the seven digit serial numbers to the six digit ones sometime in '67 so this would be an early one. Oh and a 'proof' case back is always nice! It's a snap back.. Not a front loader. Case looks like its been polished but it's not too bad. Another view of the dial... On most older Seiko's you would find the lume has blackened and this affects an otherwise perfect dial but since this model didn't come with lume it's pretty much perfect. Inside is a 6119 movement... I'm particularly find if this movement and despite the bezel I think this one is a keeper. Anilv
  2. Hi guys, I just fitted a new dial to the Seiko 6105 diver I re-surrected a while back, see this post below. While it was on my desk, there was one more thing which I wanted to address. In the pic below you can see the rusted out original 6105 movement. The 6119 is basically a drop in replacement for the 6105. Looking at the backside of the movement you can see that the layout of the wheels and bridges are identical. The first thing you would notice is there are more jewels in the 6119 (21) compared to the 6105 (17) which is a good thing in my opinion. A not so visible difference is that on the 6105 the bridge and balance cock are chamfered at the edges compared to the squared-off edges you can see on the 6119. The 6119 is the cased movement in the picture below. The 6105 is on the right. While the 6119 size matches the 6105, in this instance you will loose the quickset for the day function as the 6119 quicksets by pushing in the crown. For this to work in the 6105 diver you would need a gap between the crown and case. I preferred not to do so. This is another reason the 6106 will not work as the quickset for day works the same as the 6119. The three small rings at the top of the picture are parts of the bearing assembly from the 6105. Here we see the 6119 movement with its correct autowind bridge. And here we see the 6119 bridge sans bearing.. The bearing pushes in from behind and is staked to hold it in place. Here the bearing has been fitted into the 6105 bridge and the autowind assembly has been installed back onto the 6119 movement. The balance cock seems to be a bit different colour but is actually identical to the naked eye. The rotor is reinstalled, now all thats needed is to case it up. So that's the final chapter on the resurrection of the 6105 diver. My intent in doing this was to retain as much of the original watch as possible. I realise that what I have done here is sort of like a ' how to counterfeit a Seiko 6105 diver' type of post but to balance this I hope it also raises awareness for those looking to buy a similar watch that a lot of things are possible and to be cautious when buying these watches. I don't plan to sell this watch as this is probably the closest I can get to a 6105 diver within a price thats acceptable to me, but in the event that I do I will direct the buyer to this site to see for himself what has been done. Cheers Anilv
  3. Thought I'd share some pics of the watch I worked on over the weekend. This Seiko was part of a lot of 3 watches off the bay...I was actually attracted to the Citizen but the other two Seikos were plus points as they had the 6119 movement which has to be my favourite Seiko movement. This Seiko was a bit beat up with a heavily scored crystal but the dial and hands looked good. In the picture below the chapter ring is a bit out of alignment. A bit weird as the ring is keyed to the dial in these models. Watch was running but would get a service nonetheless. Caseback looked to have escaped the attention of the butchers. Opening the caseback revealed a nice 6119 ticking away...no water damage evident, surprising looking at the case sealing area. It is a mess and it would not be possible to get a good seal here. Probably the watch was still running as it was serviced in 2010. Well the servicing of the movement went well with no hitches. I then turned my attention to the case. I was looking thru my parts stash for a 330 crystal I could use and found this..This would have been a typical replacement crystal here in Asia back in the day and has survived well. Not surprising it is the correct size and shape as its marked 6119-8273 on the packet! Crystal install went without any drama as the gasket was still serviceable. Sides were polished to get rid of the many little scratches. And here it is on my wrist! Couldn't do much about the condition of the chapter ring but at least its aligned properly! I really enjoy rescuing these watches and giving them a new lease of life. Hope you enjoyed the pics. Anil
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