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Found 4 results

  1. Can somebody tell me what is wrong with this movement. I see that amplitude is a bit low, but it is nothing unexpected from used Vostok movement. It has been freshly serviced, but the line on the timegrapher seems weird. P.S. The watch has also been demagnetized.
  2. Search eBay for "Komandirskie" and you’re bound to find several copies having the Paratrooper dial. It’s definitely one of the most common, and if you ask me, there’s a very good reason for it. I bought my copy in December (2017), but it’s not until now that I’ve had the time to service it, give it a new strap, and start to wear it. As the rest of the watch, the movement was in great condition, although all oil and lubricants had dried up. For some reason, the calendar cam spring was missing. Of course, being a Russian watch designed for military use that can take a beating like few, that won’t stop the calendar mechanism from functioning, but it will make the date rollover slow rather than click. Fortunately, I have several Vostok calibre 2414 scrap movements to scavenge for spares. As can be seen below 6 o’clock, this copy has the "ЗАКАЗ МО СССР" (ORDER OF MO USSR) marking meaning it’s from the Soviet era. According to this blog post, it means "By Order of the Ministry of Defense of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic". I paid $62.50 for my copy on eBay (seller tdn74-2008), and although you can find working Komandirskies for $20 including shipping I was more than happy to pay the price (I usually am when I find these IMO more than affordable Russian watches in great condition). I always promote this video to anyone who's curious about Russian watches, Vostok Amphibians in particular, which is the "big brother" of the Komandirskie!
  3. Hi guys.. Sharing a few pics a Slava I got off the 'bay. Sellers pic was a bit blur but it had a movement I liked and was advertised as running. The crystal was pretty scratched up but it was running. A Russian 2 piece case back. Quickset date by pushing this ..well..pusher! As you can see , the crystal has a very high 'rise' and this contributes to the overall thickness. And this is the reason I bid for this watch..it has a Slava 2414 (or maybe a different number as it has day and date) with twin barrels. It looks pretty clean and the finishing is slightly better than the other Slava movements I've seen. Its running pretty well these last two days but I'll probably tear it down and take some pics and post them here. I spent a few minutes with some sandpaper and autosol and managed to clean it up a bit. Interesting dial with some constellation around the edge of the dial and some Russian words where a minute track would usually be. Also some numbers. Anyone can shed someone light on this? Or speak Russian? Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Mine is almost over as its 9pm here in Malaysia. Anilv
  4. Differences between Vostok 24XX parts: Introduction I like the Vostok 24xx movements for several reasons, one of them being that they are so affordable. A mistake made never spells financial disaster. They have been reliable Russian/Soviet union workhorses for decades with (perhaps to some) surprisingly good accuracy. Another reason and the reason for this thread is that the parts of these movements most often are interchangeable, but not always! Most of the time the parts used in these movements (2409, 2414, 2415, and 2416 being some of the most popular) are interchangeable, and the sellers on eBay often mix and match parts from non-working movements to build a working watch. For example, don’t be surprised if you find a train wheel bridge stamped 2409 (w/o date complication) mounted on a 2414 (w/ date complication) or vice versa. As far as I know the Vostok 24xx movements have been in production since the early 1970-ties, and there are sometimes slight differences between the same parts between these movements and between generations of these movements. The purpose of this thread is to try to document these differences to facilitate any work made on these movements. I’m a hobbyist, and what follows are my personal observations. I make mistakes and sometimes draw the wrong conclusions. When and if you spot my errors, please let me know! I encourage anyone with any experience of the differences between the parts of these Vostok 24XX movements to contribute. Thank you! My first topic will be about the click. Please see the next post!
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