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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone, My name is Matt and I like vintage watches along with pocket watches. I'm very new to the hobby of watchmaking, I've only been tinkering for about 2 months and I'm happy with some of the projects I've salvaged. First I repaired This Waltham 17 jewel 18s and that was fun. Then I repaired this old Zenith movement with 19 jewels. I couldn't find it on the pocket watch database though. Then I repaired this one Lucerne 1 JEWEL movement. It was actually the first watch I got but it was so difficult to put back together with the fiscal amount of tools I had at the time so I just left it strewn in a Ziplock bag. Then My most recent project that came up a total win was this Longines Caliber 19AS, 17 jewels unadjusted. It turned out beautifully in my opinion and was by far the most difficult to reassemble. I am in love with this hobby and its kind of engulfed my personality as of right now. I plan on giving the Longines watch to my uncle, and so right now I'm trying to enjoy that watch the most I possibly can. What I'm currently working on: A Seiko Automatic with a little date window and a weekday function too. I think its the 6309A. Then there is this Omega pocket watch. Unfortunately I lost a little screw that held in the click spring. I'll have to source another one because its tiny and my room is filled with carpet, that thing is gone. Then theres this little tiny Elgin pocket watch. It's fully assembled but the amplitude is low and so I think it needs a new mainspring. Then theres this Waltham 7 jewel movement that I also cleaned and reassembled, but it'll only run facing one way and again with the amplitude being low, I think it needs a new mainspring as well. And finally, I'm working on this gorgeous Grade no.3 1883 Waltham Pocket Watch. It came with a broken balance staff on both sides and would only run when the watch was like sideways, crown to the sky. I'm really excited about that one though, might be worth something. I've chosen to not show the other ones because they're not in movement holders right now, and the Omega is not put together. As you can see, I take these pictures using the flash. Idk why but I like the way the flash makes the metal shine more than just my little lamp. I'm also very eager to find a replacement for that balance wheel; any links would be appreciated. From what I could tell on the Seiko, it's just dirty and It should run if I put it together carefully after cleaning. Also, I fear that that 1883 Waltham may not run too good because of the mainspring, it's probably set because it's so old. I may seek a replacement for that too. I also need to find a crystal for that 18s gold filled Waltham that I've put together. It's just scary having it exposed. I ALMOST FORGOT to mention. Is this Omega real? You gotta turn your head a bit but it does indeed say "OMEGA", so I'm confused. I never knew they made pocket watches. And thats why I'm skeptical. Please let me know. But thats pretty much it. I just wanted to put this out there so that I could begin using the website properly and also to let some people know I exist I guess. Also this is my second account. I know that may violate some rules but I did the introduction wrong the first time and I wanted to fix it by making a new account. Please don't ban this one. Thank you all, -Matt
  2. Hi. So I’m trying to see what is the movement number of this old Rolex. Photos attached. Anything will help. Thanks !
  3. Hi guys. I’m curious about this Tudor I got. I’m not sure the model number or something like that to try to estimate a market price. Any help is really appreciated.
  4. No real questions at this time, this is a watch that was owned by my father, who died in January 2019. Dad purchased it in 1946 when he was stationed in Germany in the US Army, in the Occupation his main area of operation was with the 332nd EGSR in Wiesbaden but sometimes he was assigned to Nuremburg and Damstadt. It is a Jaeger-LeCoultre and the serial number indicates it was manufactured on or after Jan 1, 1945 and prior to Jan 1, 1946. Dad said he got it for a good price but I don't know how much. I'm carefully reading his diary to see if he mentioned this bit of information. I took it to an authorized dealer and the wath guy there (not a repair guy but more of a jewelry consultant) took off the back and a minute or so later while looking through an eyepiece discovers some tiny piece of dirt or something and viola, the watch was ticking again. Dad had not worn the watch in perhaps 3 decades and put it in his safe. They are going to give me an estimate to clean and lubricate, and possible replace the hands to opriginal. I remember when Dad had it service in the late 1960's or early 1970's the crystal was broken and hands messed up. The originals we shaped mor like diamonds, as I recall. The jeweler said when their factory trained technician examines it, JLC may say it must be repaired at the factory but they will give me a quote. Has anyone an idea on a model for this watch? I do not think the band is original but I'm going by memory. The watch is at least 10 years older than me. Mark PS - this will be my top watch when I get it all sorted out!
  5. I have been on the hunt for a vintage titoni airmaster for a while now and I have my eye on one but I am questioning whether or not it is a Franken watch. My main concerns are the spacing on the dial is too large-it appears that the movement may be loose in the case. Secondly, the caseback does not appear to be a Titoni caseback. Is this a "unknown" reference or is this a fake/franken watch? I need to know pretty soon a I am the current highest bidder and I may cancel my bid. eBay link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/402565751132
  6. Hello dear watchmakers! I am now working on a SU movement, Slava 2427. It is a manual-wind movement with day-date complication I am trying to assemble the watch back together after service but I am stuck on the day disc. The day disc is fitted OK in my view, teeth underneath the disc interacts with the click and the disc advances naturally as other motion works move clockwise. However, the problem is that the days written on the disc are not in the right position and do not fit inside the day window of the dial. What could I have done wrong?? Thank you!
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