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Found 44 results

  1. Hi I have a movement which I think has some serious problem. I serviced it a week ago but the timegraph shows great gap between results with dial up position and dial down position. Also the balance seems a little shaky from horizontal view when watch is running. What can be done to make this watch run in appropriate way?
  2. Hello fellow watch repairers. I recently serviced a vintage watch which was in quite nice running condition(rate:+10, amp:270, b/e: 0.3). After cleaned and assembled, the movement ran with a bit lower amplitude than before(amp: 240~250) but it did not stop for hours. I thought that amplitude will get back to normal level after a day or so and I reinstalled hands to put the movement back in to the case. However, only after few minutes, the watch stopped. I felt that something went wrong when putting hands back in so I removed the hour and minute hands. I was about to move on to the second hand and I noticed that second hand was ticking again. This is my first time dealing with this kind of situation. Please I need your help.
  3. Hello. I am about to work on a movement which was cased in watch from 'Garrard'. The watch was cased in Dennison case made in England. I want to know the name of this movement but I have no clue. Please I need your help!
  4. OK, I disassembled the Bulova 11ac movement and wonder if this wheel is supposed to stick there on the wheel bridge. Should I take the wheel apart from the bridge as well? If it is necessary, how can I take it apart?
  5. Hello. I am working on a vintage Bulova from 60s. I am trying to take apart the movement from the case but case is in somewhat strange structure. As I tried to remove the caseback, I instead took apart the upper part. Then I removed the crystal and the dial to find the movement. Here is a problem. I cannot find a way to remove the stem from the movement from the dial side. Please help.
  6. Hello, thanks to all of you who helped me out on my last question about Molnija pocket watch. Yesterday, I opened up my new vintage watch, Justex 21 jewels full anker hand wound watch. I took the movement apart and serviced it but I could not figure out what kind of movement it is. All I know is that it has 21 jewels with frequency of 18000A/h .Any ideas would help.
  7. Continued Creations Art's, Craft's, furniture and construction... I always considered adding watchmaker and jeweler but I lost sight in one eye. But I do have a few tool's that I don't know what they are or how to use them? So, thought I'd share and hopefully gain some knowledge. **** MODERATORS NOTE -> No buying or selling on the forum please **** Or if someone is interested in them?
  8. Hi there, I have been privileged to get my hands on this lovely old Centre Seconds Chronograph pocket watch. This will be my first project to disassemble, clean up and oil, and hopefully get working. The balance wheel swings and ticks for a few seconds so feel confident it will work. When I checked by removing the face, the movement was smothered in quite high viscosity oil and was dirty. The hands can be set fine but I'm aware that the second hand is missing so will try and source one. The photos are of it as I received it from ebay at a bargain auction price of 99p!! But my main question is how can I identify the age of this beauty? You may just see that under the inner cover, there is the number 13 embossed (similar to a hallmark embossing but not a HM). Could this be 1913? Any ideas, and any other tips/cautions for disassembly, cleaning and reassembly would also be greatly appreciated as I am a complete practising beginner (My only knowledge/theory obtained from Mark's fantastic videos) so for sure, will no to let down the main spring first! Thank you, Adam
  9. Hey There i'm developing a thing for watches here... I've always had this weakness, but midlife entering the house is maybe accelerating this :-) Looking for info on this nice forum/website. Seems quite complex if you start going into repairing vintage watches to get all the spare parts you need... grtz Gianni
  10. Cheers everybody! In the lately I have done service on vintage Certina and Omega watches from the 50 and 60 s. And I see that many of this have an metal ring atteched to the glass or crystal. Can somebody tell me the purpose of this? What is it for? Thanks and best...
  11. Hi Guys, good day, i am David Cybulkiewicz from Colombia, S.A. I sateted to collect and damage watches a while ago, and a coule of months ago started after a lapse to pick up my watches fix them clean them and putting them in order. thnaks for the talk page regards david
  12. This morning I could pick my latest goody for my collection. A Certina Club 2000 from around 1968 in absolutely amazing unworn conditions. I don't dare to wear it! I haven't checked yet but it is supposed to have a Certina 25-661 manual winding movement and of course it is a "Pre Hayek" Certina.
  13. Since I was working on the Landeron 48 with wrong dial, from which I used the case and a Landeron 151 and correct dial to make a new watch, I saw this Landeron 248 sitting in the drawer at my desk and devided to finally tackle the issue it had: a slipping mainspring. I documented the disassembly of the movement vith 3 videos, the first of which is here below: Hope you enjoy
  14. Could anyone help me with this pocket watch, there is no identification on the movement whatsoever, after removing all of the screws from the train bridge i still cant remove the bridge. It looks like the centre wheel or the canon pinion is stopping it. Ive attached some pics, can anyone see what it is i may need to do to remove it? ive tried prizing off the pinion but it doesn't budge at all.
  15. Hi everyone, I have a Bifora vintage wind up watch, German made. I don't know how to assemble it and no horologist or watchmaker or jeweler that I contacted wants to help. I would really appreciate it if someone could direct me to the proper website, magazine, book, anything so I can fix it and get it working again. I have all of the pieces, my only problem is figuring out how to assemble it. These pics are references, My watch looks just like the one in the picture. I really want to fix it but lack the expertise. Thanks a lot
  16. Hello! Images attached!As you see, I have here a 1950-1960's Chronograph using a Landeron 149 movement. Firstly, the good:The watch keeps good time. It winds up fine. It changes time fine. No problems there at all.That's where it ends really.The bad:* The springbars - they are completely stuck. I cannot for love or money get them to budge. As you can see in the album, I am also concerned that they have been glued in. You might be able to see on the lugs there appears to be some cracking, I am worried that if attempt to remove the springbars any further, the lugs will simply crack and break. Does that seem like something that could happen?* The caseback - You may be able to see, but it seems to not sit flush to the watch case. I think it has been threaded. How easy is this to resolve? or is this a major problem?* The chrono function - Hey, guess what, it works...(sometimes!!). The chronograph function works 8/10. I press the top button, and it may or may not start the ticking function. Most of the time it does. It resets on the lower button just fine, regardless of whether the ticker goes or not. My overall question is, how beat up is this old boy? I am expecting a big price to get it back to former glory, but I am unsure just how much, if even doable. Be great to hear your thoughts on this guys!
  17. I have a dear little vintage wrist watch. The movement runs well and the 2nd hand turns (it is on its own small dial) but the hour and minute hands don't turn unless the watch is face down.. You can set the time easily, but then they don't move when face up. Any help would be most welcome.
  18. I need your help to identify a set I recently purchased. Does anyone know this model? Also I would like to hear about the things you guys do with your own staking tools. I have never used one of these and I only know that they are useful to replace balance staffs. Thanks.
  19. Hello! Could anyone provide more details about this Dugena? The caliber is 1153 (http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&Dugena_1153). But the logo is different, meaning those two bullseyes/targets. And another question, for the elderly :) : in the old days, what was the proper men's watch dimension? For example, this is a 32 mm (without crown) with 16mm lugs distance. Thank you, Bogdan p.s. http://watch-wiki.org/index.php?title=DUGENA http://www.dugena.de/ http://www.watch-wiki.net/index.php?title=Dugena
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