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Found 7 results

  1. I spent the afternoon yesterday working on the grade 409 Elgin. I disassembled it, washed all the parts and began reassembly. It's good that I have two of these movements because (as always) I lost a few screws along the way. This is a photo of one of the kind of screws that I lost. It is sitting on the graduated surface of a 6" Starrett rule. The thick lines represent the marks on the rule and they are 0.0156" apart (or 0.39mm for the rest of you - I don't have a metric rule, I have a metric dial caliper). The point is that the screw is really (really) small. It looks like a piece of black pepper. Explain to me how/why my stainless/non-magnetic tweezers seem to be magnetically attracted to these screws? By the way, two of these hold the upper balance jewel setting into the balance cock.
  2. Hi Mates!!! Hope every one stay safe, and have a good time now before Christmas! Here in Norway, near the North Pole life is going as usual, fiddling with Christmas decorations and watches. Currently working on a Omega cal. 1012, and I see that the screw for holding the balance spring is missing. Is there anybody that have that screw? Or the balance cock / bridge with screw? Omega Part no: 1012-3414 screw for stud. Greetings from the North!!
  3. I've got an old Nvidia Ladies Watch with an ETA 2360 movement that I'm trying to get up and running. The movement looks nice and in good shape and luckily I also have som spare parts lying around. The dial is mounted with tiny screws on the sude of the movement. There seems to have been som moisture ingress into the movement since I can see traces of rust and, of course, one if the dial screws has rusted pretty bad so I'm unable too remove the dial. I can see the groove in the screw and I can fit a screwdiver there but the screw is really stuck. I've tried putting some WD40 on it and letting it soak for a day but to no avail. How can I remove the screw ? I have extra screws if needed so I don't need the stuck screw.
  4. Hello new guy here, I recently purchased a new watch and in attempting to resize it one of the threaded link band screws was being very stubborn and ended up being stripped (one side of the pin is threaded and the other is a flat head screw). I can't get any torque on turning it at all. I ended up ordering a space couple of links with new screw pins. How can I remove this threaded link band screw? Not opposed to breaking it off somehow since I have some replacements coming. Thank you!
  5. Hi Can anyone help me with this problem? I have a size 12 american pocket watch that has what appears to be the wrong screw in the nickle barrel plate. I need to remove it. It won't turn left or right, the head doesn't protrude far enough to grab it with a pin vice.
  6. I am trying to find a replacement for a broken screw from a Favre-Leuba 253 movement. This screw holds the keyless works and half of the screw head was missing when I took the movement apart. I was able to get the screw out intact (see photos). I don't know where to order the screw. I looked on Casker website http://www.jewelerssupplies.com/watch-screws-assortment-ss3.html and found some screw assortments. I was going to order their part number 958.001.268 in the hopes that a usable screw would be included. I have a pdf of the movement's parts (see image). I believe the screw I need is number 5445 (at the bottom) It attaches part number 445 to the movement. Any help/advice on finding the screw would be appreciated.
  7. Hello! I just want to give a head's up to anyone who's opening a jungahns J687 movement - the ratchet wheel screw is left-hand threaded. I found it the hard way - I had to replace the barrel arbour It didn't have the usual 3 line warning. Also I was used to the crown wheel screw being left-threaded.
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