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  1. My engagement watch was a Briel, which turns out to have a 0S60 Miyota movement. I paid goldsmiths to replace the battery, boy what a mistake. When I collected it the crown came off in my hand. Goldsmith said they can't repair!!! They paid me £250. So this is when I did some research and took the back off the watch. I believe the stem is still in the watch. But I think I can repair by replacing the stem and crown. I still have the crown. Could some one advise what stem I need and how can I attach the crown, doesn't appear to have a thread but I think it should have. I can get more photos if needed. Many thanks
  2. My name is Jim Haney. I just registered. I live in eastern TN. I am a NAWCC member. I do repairs. I have been collecting for 25+ years, mostly pocket watches. I have a complete Hamilton collection, all sizes & grades,including all the Military grades.. Look foward to helping in any way.
  3. Here is my puzzle. I have a watch that I am working on. A Hamilton 987. It has been cleaned and oiled and demagnetized. When I run it on the timing machine the horizontal rates and the pendant down rate are all close and about +/- 4s/day. When I move it to pendant left things get weird. It has the same amplitude but the daily rate goes way off the chart -98s/day or something, also the beat error goes from 0.5ms to 0.0ms. The hairspring is running unobstructed, and he regulator fingers are adjusted correctly. How can this happen? How can a wheel spinning at the same amplitude produce such a wildly different rate? And how does the beat error change with the position change like that? Thoughts? Thanks Rob
  4. Hi everyone, I have a Bifora vintage wind up watch, German made. I don't know how to assemble it and no horologist or watchmaker or jeweler that I contacted wants to help. I would really appreciate it if someone could direct me to the proper website, magazine, book, anything so I can fix it and get it working again. I have all of the pieces, my only problem is figuring out how to assemble it. These pics are references, My watch looks just like the one in the picture. I really want to fix it but lack the expertise. Thanks a lot
  5. i recently bought a ships clock. the dial has a logo of SVS and "made in Germany". it looks just like " shotz model with thicker brass" same ships watch bell sequence. i could not find it on the internet, but will open it to see if there is anything written on the mvt.. anyone have one of these? vinn
  6. Some of you already know that I bought myself as a birthday present, and to celebrate the birth of my first daughter, a Landeron 248 based Chronograph to restore / fix, and that I thought that it was a redial. Here the thread about it: Apparently it is not only the case ot a simple redial (albeit with a wrong dial which was adapted) but what I would define as "watchmaker's botchery", since the dial itself was fixed to the case with 2 screws (and from the front side...):
  7. I have this 33mm 1993 Garrard manual watch that says "swiss made" on the face. It is about 5.7mm thick Many years ago, I had trouble winding it, I may have overwound it, but I was unable to wind it up after it stopped running, though I can still change the date and adjust the hands. At the time, many years back, the crown came off the stem so I sellotaped it to some paper and stored it in the watch-box. When I told Garrard I'd broken the crown off, they said it couldn't be repaired but I recall they said they could put a new movement into it. The cost seemed high so I didn't follow up. Today, after watching some of Marks videos I had another look at the watch and was able to reattach the crown to the stem by screwing it back on! I can adjust the date and hands but it won't wind up (crown won't turn forwards, though I can unscrew it counterclockwise) The watch back is a press fit and I did find a spot at 6 O'clock where the back has a slight chamfer that could help in levering the back off I don't have any watch repair skills, experience or specialist tools (though I could buy some cheap tools from Ebay). Is it likely I could open the back without damaging the watch to find out if the watch has a well-known Swiss movement? What are the chances of obtaining a replacement Swiss movement for a 33mm x 5.7mm case? Would replacing a movement be something I could attempt with reasonable chance of success?
  8. I have a Gustav Becker Anniversary clock with serial number 2065461 which I believe dates it at about 1898 -1900. The clock has been working OK recently but after cleaning, etc and the fitting of a new suspension wire I am having difficulties getting it to run. It runs very well for about 15 minutes and then stops. I believe this is due to the fact that the pendulum is not getting the 'push' from the main spring. Looking at the anchor pin it is very jerky as it moves from side to side and I don't know where this inconsistency is coming from. Also the fork attached to the suspension wire seems to have very little displacement. It would be useful to know just how much displacement is normal (in mm not degrees!). I should be very grateful if anyone could cast some light on where I should go from here. I'm very reluctant to play around with the pallets, partly because I can't get at them without dismantling the gear train and then I can't observe their operation. Best regards, JohnF
  9. I received the attached ladies Longines watch, around 33mm. It has missing a caseback that needs replacing. I believe the model number is on the missing caseback. Anyone could offer some advice on how I could identify this in order to be able to get the right caseback replacement? Thanks
  10. Haven't encountered this type of stem release before, it's a seiko h601-5050 (duo timer) and I want to remove the stem. BUT the big problem is that it doesn't use a conventional way of locking the stem (no push button/screw) Does some expert know how to remove the stem, took a picture, the movement it says I should turn something with an aroow pointing to a hole that lets me see the stem. Any help ?
  11. Hi, I am new to this forum, so if I have posted in the incorrect section my apologies and please feel free to direct me elsewhere.. I am looking for a local reputable watch repair service (independant or national business), I live in Halifax, West Yorkshire UK. I have two watches that I am looking for help with: 1) Fossil watch (similar in appearance to this) the pin has snapped and the small spring section which goes watch body is still in place. I believe it may need to be drilled out? Other wise the strap and watch is in perfect working order. 2) Emporio Armani watch (similar in appearance to this) I have had the watch sometime and I now need a new link adding back in, but I am not able to find the link. Can new links be obtained, or must the strap be replaced? (The strap looks the same as this). Thank you in advance. Gareth
  12. Attached is a picture of a mainspring from a watch I'm working on. I took the mainspring out of the barrel to clean and lubricate it but when I was about to put in back in, I noticed it was broken at the arbor end. did I do it, I ask myself? Well, id took the picture before I removed it from the barrel and it looks like it was already broken, but I need a more expert eye to confirm it. I'd appreciate your diagnosis. Thanks!
  13. Hi all! My friend recently gave me a free watch because the clasp is broken. I know close to nothing about watches, from my research it is a 'Foldover clasp'. I have attached an image, the whole portion in the red box is missing. I was wondering if there is any way to fix it for cheap, without buying any replacement parts. Just some sort of rig to keep it together Thanks for the help!
  14. Here we have some pictures of the Venus 178 chronograph movement which is on a vintage Breitling Navitimer. This watch had a broken mainspring and required a full strip-down and rebuild in order to fit it. Enjoy :)
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