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  1. Good evening all, I am in the middle of repairing my Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra which houses an Omega 4564 Quartz movement. The second hand had appeared to have fallen off after I'd dropped the watch but after disassembling the watch it was clear that the second wheel pin had broken. Here comes the problem. Of course, being Omega I had anticipated getting parts from them would be impossible so I looked a little further and realised that the Omega 4564 uses an ETA E64.111 base. After looking around, I couldn't find anywhere that would sell the second wheel alone so without thinking I decided to order the E64.111 movement complete. The idea was to remove the second wheel from this new E64.111 and use it to replace the broken one on my Omega 4564... This is where you will all join me in face-palming...and I bet most of you will already know what's coming... The height is way off. So much so that it doesn't even manage to peer over the minute wheel when assembled. A real rookie mistake. Does anybody know know the height of the Omega 4564 second wheel pin? I'm finding it hard to get a precise measurement using the broken pieces. Also, if anybody has one spare (long shot) or knows where I can source one that'd be great! Has anybody worked on this movement before? I found the reassembly of the train wheel bridge particularly challenging on this one so if anyone has any tips or hacks for that I can remember for the future. Thanks in advance for any help. David
  2. As pe the title, here a small comparison video of my Seiko Quartz Chronographs from the 7Txx series. Enjoy!
  3. I have an old small Seiko quartz watch with a case number 200834 and stem number 2E20-6300. Some time after a repair of the stem by a jewelry store, the stem began to malfunction again and the crown got loose and was lost. After watching a few of the repair videos on your website, I thought Seiko design should be just as straight-forward, and I might be able to do the repairs myself. So, I purchased a new stem and a new crown and tried to remove the stem after attaching the new crown by pushing on any of the holes or screw-looking spots or levers to unlock the catch. Unfortunately none of them seemed to budge. In the process of fiddling, the watch internal popped out of the casing with the seal now loose. I would appreciate any help that anybody could offer. I guess I may have to purchase some very small screw drivers if needed. FYI: I am attaching two pictures of the watch, one for the back side of the internal and one for the watch back cover. In the first picture, the watch internal is just resting on the watch casing. Thank you.
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