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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, 46 years old. I live in the US. I got into watch repair to fix a sentimental watch that was not worth paying a pro to do it. It was amazing to replace the movement mysef! I've since collected a number of old watches I was happy to polish and replace crystals to fix up. It's very satisfying to pay$ 10-$15 for a beat up old watch to fix it up into a gem! I appreciate new watches as well that are bargain finds for the specs they have.
  2. Hi, so love to be here. I recently got into watch repair. To be honest been few months of watching videos and I been interested in watches but never tried before. Now I decided to take the leap. Bought some basic tools and made my own watch. first time putting one together. Since then I been disassemble and assemble some older watches and love it. Love every process of it. For some reason love the challenge on making one work or cleaning it. It’s wow. I don’t know how to explain other than time flys by and I don’t notice. I can spend hours with these little guys. I drop one of the hands by mistake and kinda bend the seconds hand a bit. I just reorder the replacement lmfao. But I should get it this week. I didn’t even bother to order one before because well I got busy and watch works perfectly. . But as soon as the new gold hands set arrives I will change it because I like gold color and will go better with my dragon logo
  3. Pt III of III nothing special. I probably missed a ton of info and description. All errors belong to me.
  4. Hi everyone my name is David and I got into watch collecting 2 years ago when I bought my first watch a movado museum classic with the 11 diamonds on the dial. It's still the nicest watch that I own but I'd like to get into watchmaking and restoring them for myself. I recently bought this Rytime watch that I believe has wither an 1187 or 1194 movement that's nonworking at the moment to be my first watch to restore. I'm wanting to strip the old chrome plating off and replate the brass case in 14k gold and replace the old worn out metal band with a nice black leather strap. I was told that this watch was made in the 40s but I can't find any data to back up this claim from what information I have gathered online the Rytime brand was made and sold by a jeweler based in New York but again I have no way to back up this claim. Any information about it would be amazing! Thanks!
  5. Hi. My name is Tony. I'm from New Jersey, in the United States. I have a modest entry level collection of quartz and mechanical watches. I enjoy repairing electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic equipment. I want to learn how to maintain and repair a wide variety of watches. I'm looking forward to learning about watch repair and making Friends in this forum.
  6. Hello I am amature watch tinkerer. I am from the DC area. I joined to be able learn more about the watches the movements inside. I am sorry this is a short introduction.
  7. Hello everyone. I am just a guy that don't know anything about watch repair yet, but i am pondering if i should get started anyway. Either way, nice to meet you folks.
  8. Hello all, my name is Erik. I am new to the forum and have just recently become interested in watches. I have been apprenticing under my elderly uncle to learn clock making for the past few years. I have learned but not mastered enough skills that I can usually make a clock work again. My wife and kids are not amused by the number of clocks running in my house (13 in view as I sit writing this). I have a Seiko 5 I bought new as a gift for myself in 1992 when I was 19. It has been treated poorly, but still ran flawlessly sitting idle for years, then shake and wear for a night. I now have a new interest in watches and started wearing my Seiko daily to find it runs inconsistently. I opened it and adjusted it and couldn't get it right. I bumped the balance adjustment, scratched the case and realized I know nothing about watches! As I began researching I found myself wanting more watches and wanting to learn how to fix them. I'm hoping to transition some of my clock tools and knowledge to watches. I am hoping to start collecting some specific tools so I can at least do cleaning and basic repair. I look forward to someday having something to contribute to the watch community.
  9. Hi I’m Marc. I’m an engineer by trade and love a challenge so why not Horology! Spent some time years ago at Aspreys (visiting!) and have loved watches ever since... 20 years later I bought some tweezers haha! I’m new to this and have just rebuilt a BFG866. I have asked for help reattaching the hairspring in another area on here. The best to all
  10. I know nothing about pocket watch repair, but I would like to learn. If anyone can suggest a book (or books) for beginners, please do so. Also, the tools and watch parts I should have and where I can buy them. I do have a small metal lathe and milling machine (I am a half-ass machinist), but I’am limited to very simple parts. Thanks for your help, dhh [email protected]
  11. ok so ive recently become obsessed with watches. I have obtained a broken invicta pro diver, and this has led to much research on how to fix it... I'm starving for more knowledge... where and how do you suggest I go about finding this knowledge. I have noticed there isn't as much info on the internet as I had hoped... I plan to get a work bench and do this as a hobby and possibly one day as a means of extra income... I guess u could say im just looking for advice and places books etc that can help me
  12. I hear guys talking about "Trench Watches" so what is the draw? I have seen a couple in photos & thats all. What are they , how do you tell real from fake, what should I look for when shopping for one, & not getting taken for a ride. Any help & photos along with your experiences would be of great value to someone who is just thinking about sticking his toes in the trench watch (WATER) Thanks
  13. Hi all, I have a brand new ETA 955.412 movement replacing another with stem damage. With the following steps: Place minute/hour wheel. Place front plate and secure. Place hands (pressed on easily). Inserted new battery. Ensured crown is pushed fully home. Trouble is, it doesn't function at all. My first thought is I messed it up somehow! Whilst I'm no watchmaker, my day job is engineer so I'd like to figure it out (if the movement was not bust from purchase). What I've checked is: Changing time with crown works perfectly. Date changing functions perfectly. New battery (voltage 1.58V) measured at chip. Coil measures 1.5k ohm. Current draw of around ~2uA. I'd be grateful for any advice! Thanks.
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