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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone, new member here. So I'm using a Tissot titanium chronograph with a butterfly clasp holding the bracelet. Lately, the clasp would undo itself while I'm wearing it. Upon inspecting it, I suspect the problem is either the button's spring became weak, or the small rods inside got gunked up by sweat and grime (or both). Can anybody share on how to disassemble the clasp, specifically the button containing the spring inside? I have done basic works on the watch, like replacing the battery, resizing the bracelet, even repaired its broken stem, so I have some ideas of what I'm getting into. Attached are the pictures of the clasp. I can see 2 notches on the back of the buttons, but I don't know how to use it. Tried pricking it with a needle, didn't do anything. Thank you in advance.
  2. I have here one of my late father's watches, a Rectangular faced watch measuring 3/4" wide x 1" tall. It is made with bracelet and a clasp but it does not look like a deployant or deployment clasp. To get the watch case back off I had to open the bracelet and I can't remember the sequence to get it back together. I got it running but the band probably needs dissassembly from the watch and an ultrasonci cleaning. Would someone know the name of this style of clasp? I've no had much luck with google. Thanks in advance, I thin that since joining this forum a few months ago I have now sucessfully changed the batteries in 11 watches and only a couple to go, before every watch in our house is working again. The next thing I want to learn (after learning about this bracelet / clasp LOL) is how to clean a watch properly. You guys are very resourceful. THANK YOU Mark
  3. Hi, It's Paul here from Melbourne Australia. Just recently pulled out a box of watches that were in a cupboard - going to get them all working hopefully! I'm an absolute watch newbie! I like working on cars and so decided to have a go at fixing these watches (Youtube, internet and forums are a great help!) while in COVID-19 lockdown. I have replaced a battery in one Cartier and one Longines so far - both working now! I have a bright torch, magnifying glass and a very cheap set of jewellers screwdrivers. I was very careful with the Cartier as it had six tiny screws holding the back case on - my eyes aren't as good as they used to be!!! Anyway, hoping someone can help with a Cartier clasp (stainless steel and gold plate Must de Cartier 21) shown here in thumbnail. One half of the clasp holds securely (hole fits tightly over the post), the other half doesn't. I assume that over time, the hole on one side has been worn and is now too big to fit snugly over its corresponding post? What are my possible options here? Replace part/s of the bracelet? (Not sure where I can get new/used parts.) Build up the offending post or offending hole - use some JB-Weld? Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I am after a clasp for an old digital junghans watch, I wasn't sure if this forum permits these requests? I did check the forum rules and it makes no mention of it only about selling. Can one of the more seasoned members help before I post the request? Thanks
  5. I have a 1982 Bulova that the Clasp broke in 83, I put the watch away and forgot about it for 33 years. I'm searching for the clasp, and not having any success. Thank you in advance .
  6. Hi all! My friend recently gave me a free watch because the clasp is broken. I know close to nothing about watches, from my research it is a 'Foldover clasp'. I have attached an image, the whole portion in the red box is missing. I was wondering if there is any way to fix it for cheap, without buying any replacement parts. Just some sort of rig to keep it together Thanks for the help!
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