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  1. After thinking about autowinds "Timex" remark "Takes a licking but keeps on ticking!" I found this list below for most of the watches: A Alpha: "Telling time, since the beginning" Alpina- Official timepiece of the 12 Hours of Sebring 2009 Audemars Piguet- The Watch of Your Life B Ball Watch Company - Since 1891, accuracy under adverse conditions Ball (old) - "Carry a Ball and time them all." Benrus - "With a Benrus- any Benrus- you've got something better up your sleeve." Blancpain - "Since 1735, there has never been a quartz Blancpain watch. And there never will be. Blancpain - "Since 1735, there has never been a Blancpain with a black dial. And there never will be." Bovet- Only the best is good enough Bulova - Time Flies. Bulova Soars. Bulova (Accutron) - Who said seconds don't count? Bulova (Accutron) - They tell it like it is Bulova (Accutron) - Only a "freak" can be as accurate as Accutron C Citizen - "Beyond Precision" Citizen Eco-Drive - It's unstoppable. Just like the people who wear it. Chopard- Time, incomparably crafted Carl F. Bucherer - "Ahead of the times" Carl F. Bucherer - "For people who do not go with the times." Corum - "Unlock and Conquer" Casio - Casio. Technology for life. D Daniel Roth- Masterpieces in the art of watchmaking Doxa- the Original Orange Face Diver Watch Dubey & Schaldenbrand- What other watches? E Ebel - 'Architects of time.' Edouard Lauzieres - and time doesn't simply go by G Girard-Perregaux - "Watches for the few since 1791". H H - Hamilton The watch of railroad accuracy . I Invicta- smarter by the second IWC - 'The engineer of fine watchmaking.' . J Jaeger-LeCoultre- Have you ever worn a real watch? K L Longines- Elegance is an attitude M Movado- The Art of Time . O Omega Watches- "Quality that Last, till the end of Time" Omega - "Exact time for life." Officine Panerai - Panerai. Where ideas come to life. P Patek Philippe - “You never really own a Patek Philippe, you merely take care of it for the next generation.” R Rolex - "The crown of achievement." Rolex- A crown for every Achievement S Seiko - "Man invented time... Seiko perfected it" Swatch - Fashion that ticks T TAGHeuer- What are you made of? TAGHeuer-Swiss avant-garde since 1860 Timex - "It takes a licking and keeps on ticking." U Ulysse Nardin - "Swiss watch manufacturer since 1846" V Vacheron Constantin - "Do better when possible, and it's always possible" Vacheron Constantin- More than 250 years of continuous history Ventura- Design on time W Wempe: Show your true feelings (printed on the inside of their gift/display boxes) Z Zeno-Watch Basel: The Sky Is The Limit But could you come up with a better one..?? ;)
  2. Hello, I'm a retired aerospace engineer and recently developed an interest in older watches. I bought an Accutron new in 1966 and it recently died. I wanted to replace so I started researching watches and decided on getting a used watch. I recently bought a SEIKO 7N36-6A49 Scuba Divers made in 1995 and a Longines VHP quartz probably from the late 1980s. Now I want to learn more.
  3. Hi, Hector here. I am a dentist by training and it has been my day job for the past 34 years. My other pastimes include building and repairing all sorts of stuff. Just keeping my office equipment in working order has made me learn plumbing, electricity, electronics, computing... Jack of all trades, master of none. I took up a basic course in watch repair about 1 1/2 years ago because I couldn't find any watch repairer willing to repair my daily ticker. And I got hooked! In the last 18 months, I've serviced mechanical, automatic, quartz, electric, an Accutron, a long case clock, a ship's clock, kitchen timers... It has been a really interesting, challenging, frustrating and rewarding 18 months. And I look forward to the next project...
  4. right you are, the simple "multimeter" is not sensitive, presisign, enough for electronics. I can't remember the one that was. i'll drag the one out that is. also, accutron had a special meter for that mvt. (I have one of those too). ALSO; I think we have a eleictronics engineer in this forum? OH - how I hate eleictronics ! vin
  5. Today I'm wearing my Bulova accutron "hummer" This was my second electronic watch. I bought it as a bare movement, then got a case and dial combo. It's a pretty finicky movement. It will randomly stop for no apparent reason. I have to tap on the case at the 2 o'clock position several times to Kickstart the tuning fork. I'd love to get it serviced and properly tuned, but there are so few people who work on these and my finances won't allow it, so I just deal with these quirks. I certainly am not a confident enough watchmaker to tackle one of these myself.
  6. It's a standard problem for 218 watches. If you're not familiar with the watch you really should have the service manual if you're not familiar with the watch you probably shouldn't work on the watch. Page 30 of the PDF manual below shows the Canon pinion labeled as center wheel assembly. Then it's also found on page 35 showing how it's lubricated just don't use their lubrication recommendation as it's a very poor choice. Then before you rush out in order your canon pinions/center wheel assembly you'll have to take the old one out and measure the height. http://www.decadecounter.com/accutron/Accutron218ServiceManual.pdf
  7. I finally latched onto a nice Accutron "Woody " after making several attempts in the past . I can honestly say that I really like this 218 Accutron , probably as much as my 214 Astronaut .
  8. Accutron use these weirdos, let me find what size they are.....
  9. I've repivoted Accutron wheels before, probably the best route for you. I've read that not only the pivots are different but the wheels themselves are slightly different, enough that they don't interchange even with resized pivots. These are apparently exceedingly rare- one source I saw says around 1000 made.
  10. nice job ! is thre a quarts mvt. than can be fit into an accutron, space view watch case .? vin
  11. I'm really thankful to have come across this site and Mark Lovick's great videos. For someone trying to learn the craft here in a log cabin in West Virginny, they've been a godsend. Aren't too many watchmakers in my neck of the woods. I've been studying watchmaking at home for about a year now. I've also been taking classes at NAWCC's School of Horology in Columbia, PA but the school no longer has a degree program; so, I have to take them as they are available. They are a great experience and I've learned a lot but it's slow going. I've set up the beginnings of a shop in my basement using my great-grandmother's vanity, mounted on blocks, as a workbench. I'm still "tooling up"; looking for things I can afford on a limited budget. I've attached a picture of the watch I'm wearing now. It's an Accutron automatic. Didn't know Accutron made mechanical watches (I got an original Accutron tuning fork watch when I graduated from high school in the 1960's) but one day I chanced by it at a jewelry store near my office. I liked square case and the dial and since it was a clearance item I got it for a very good price, so I bought it. I can't afford really high-end watches unless I can get a good deal on one that needs restoration which I can do myself. So that's my goal: to develop the ability to someday take a good watch that's not working and make it work. I particularly love Omega watches. In the meantime I have had a few successes with cheaper watches but I'm still breaking more than I fix! Given that I'm "old" my greatest difficulty is steadying my hands but I've improved at that by putting in a lot of "tweezer time".
  12. If anyone out there has ever wondered if a Kif Duofix spring from an Accutron 214 movement will work with a Rolex 2030 the answer is YES. They are exactly the same. I would still be interested to know if one can be used from a Rolex series 1500 movement though.
  13. I have had success as well with things like polywatch. I figured because the inner workings on the accutron are so interesting and tend to be a focal point all of the somewhat deeper scratches that are left behind to me would still feel kinda obvious.
  14. I'm not sure about the 2210 movements, but I know with the 214 1st gen movements, the battery voltage was critical. I have been told that the later 218 and 219 movements were ok to run at 1.5 volts and do not require any adjustments. From what I've learned, the indexing pawls are what need to be adjusted on the 214 movements to get them back in time. I also know that when Omega got the license to produce the Accutron, they hired it's inventor, Max Hetzel, to improve the design.
  15. the best thing about the accutron is the good looking watch cases. a replaceable mvtm. is hard to find. vin
  16. there are many accutron manuals published by boliva for their dealers in the U. S.. one of the special tools ia a volt/ohm meter. i'll post some pix., if i can find it. vin
  17. Ive found a trick that may work with other watches, but works great for Accutron 214,--which is basically most of what Ive been doing lately.... bung all four wheels in, lay bridge carefully in place, lined up with dowels and screw-holes, then gently tap movement holder at 45 deg angle with tweezers they all just fall into place, bung screws in after confirming train free--job done. --It took longer for me to write this, than to refit the four wheels and bridge to the 214, but as I say--it may not work for other movements. poking round inside Accutron with a pin or summit to line wheels up is Not an option due to delicate nature of index-wheel--one touch on the teeth of that, its stuffed.
  18. "stem extender" is a good name for it, thou i've never seen one if you use that, be sure to use "lock tight" in the joint. i have several accutron watch cases i would like to modify in that manor. be sure the "old dudes" won't aprove. cheers, vin
  19. Recently lost the 4 screws that fasten the back plate of my Accutron Breckenridge 26B29. I am also looking for the band extensions too. I tried Bulova but they weren't helpful. Any ideas of where I could find these parts or even just the dimensions of the screws?
  20. i have an accutron meter (looks much like a volt ohm meter) and a bunch of their repair books. they didn't help much. buying a new mvmt., was the easy repair. when they went out of production, the collectors bought most of the parts. vin
  21. Hello Jason and welcome, I saw Georges reference and have PM'd you a list of PDF's and a site reference, hopefully there are no problems. I am in the process of creating an Accutron entry for the PDF / Document library and once Mark is back from Holiday he is amending my permissions to set it up and add other documents I have obtained in the public domain. If you have been servicing them for a few years doubtless you have come across info I and others will be interested in. I had difficulty up to the point where I bought a stereo microscope with 70x mag which was the the point where I was able to set the "draw" and phasing the accutron was more viable ie I could actually see the teeth on the index wheel. I know others have managed with other types of magnifying devices but my eyes are not up to it. The site I referred you to:- http://members.iinet.net.au/~fotoplot/acc.htm is a gold mine of information and you could do worse than reading through it. My thanks go to Rob Berkavicius and his co-writers for providing so much valuable information that set me off on the right path. Cheers, Vic
  22. Managed to look through all the Bulova Accutron stuff I bought on ebay.com and had sent to my sons address and it will be good to start playing with it all when I get home. It is a bit of a crap shoot as to whether the coils on the forks are ok but I have a few to test out when I get home. Also a 214 for potential conversion to spaceview and I already have working coils as a couple of repair movements started humming when I put batteries in. The accutron meter / tester I bought (700 version) is in really good condition no cracks or scratches and it correctly rated an Accutron battery. Must try to stay off ebay as I am at my customs limit now. I have got a bit further down the dbals list yesterday Stone IPA at the Bubba Shrimp place complete with the touristy free 26 oz glass. Excellent brew quite hoppy and it seems quite strong as well, really tasty well rounded brown beer reminded me of Newcastle Amber Ale with a few extra hops thrown in. Managed to drive on the right side of the road all the way from San Fran to LA down highway 1 then 101 and didn't even hit anyone. Incredible how beautiful the coastline is. On a negative point whilst viewing the elephant seals I noticed my wife giving me some funny looks and later on she confessed to noticing some similarities. Bye for now, Vic Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  23. Concerning Vic's comments: I have powder coated things like microscope stands and bases for camera copy stands but never anything small. I may try that. Strange that you mentioned the Accutron. When I was young I really got interested in watches when the Accutron first came out. I read all the articles I saw about it. I never bought one, though, as they were out of my price range then. Later on I did get one of the first affordable quartz watches, a Timex. I was working in Switzerland in 1975 and I wore it there. Nobody had a quartz watch then. I just bought an IWC Pilot's watch mark 18, mainly for its looks. I've read a bit about these and was concerned that they cheapened the movement of these watches. But mine is accurate to within a second a day so I am amazed and happy. (Have I been lucky or is that how they are?)
  24. An Accutron tuning-fork Always has the positive terminal (main case of battery) Downwards in the movement--giving the impression its wrong way round, they certainly Wont run with the batt reversed--In fact a reversed batt can do damage to the 0.22uF Tantalum cap in the circuit, if its left in the wrong way for some time, a PITA to change on a 218x calibre- In fact, Most things are a PITA with a 218!... Only the Accutron Spaceview that Citizen re-issued and made 1000 of as an Anniversary watch in 2010 has the batt in conventional orientation--with the pos uppermost......
  25. there is a guy who sells accutron crystals in the US (one of the guys who bought parts when the accutron repair shops closed down) . i have a round space view and refused to pay $ 200 for an original crystol. good luck with square glass ! i suggest " professional polishing. vinn
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