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  1. Thanks, the top half of the case has set screws that allow you to remove it along with the crystal, now as you see it the dial is exposed and I need to pull the crown and stem to remove the movement. I will try and rotate the crown while prying gently and see if that works. I appreciate your help
  2. Thanks Anilv, I am not in a hurry but that gives me a couple of options to try, I don't want to damage the dial. After I figure out how to get it apart I will need some pointers on cleaning the dial. It seems that the glue from the gasket has gummed up the edges of the dial. Thanks again for the advice.
  3. I have this Eternamatic that I am trying to identify and hopefully clean without damaging it or the Dial. The movement comes out with the case back, and I am assuming that the crown must be removed to access the movement?
  4. I found a couple more goodies in the watch repair kit. Any thoughts on these? The Longines inside of case says aw 14kwg.6 59056 10/86 and the movement seventeen (17) jewels adj. To temp & two (2) pos Longines watch. Co swiss 3839322 also 10 86 n it is missing the stem and crown. The other is a loose Royce movement. I have had the hardest time identifying exactly what these pieces are. I have a lot to learn
  5. Thanks, I will start with the Seiko, Seikomatic-p on the Dial also Japan 5106 8020r-ad then on the case back 7n03365. After work today, I will remove the case back to look at the movement.
  6. These are the watches I acquired from a local thrift shop, I am trying to figure out what exactly they are. I will try and give as much detail as I can. There is a Seikomatic-p, a Bulova accutron, a eternomatic, a Parker, 4 different Hamilton's, a westclox pocket watch, and a Virtus twin pocket watch. Any help is appreciated,
  7. Thanks, I have quite a few things to share and plenty of questions. I came across a treasure trove of old watches and a watch and jewelry tool chest at my local second hand. I am guessing the tool set is probably from the fiftys or older. With the watches I am having a hard time identifying them beyond there general make. I am looking forward to this journey and hope to learn from you all.
  8. Hi and thanks for letting me join the conversation, I am new to the world of mechanical watches. I started by watching Lume shot modding Seiko divers and then moved to the many watch repair videos. I found a Seiko skx007k2 for a reasonable price and from there it has just grown. I hope to learn from all of you and also share some of the treasures I have found.
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