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  1. Thanks all. Very helpful. Appreciate it. Set me on the right path
  2. Thank you so much. That’s awesome ?
  3. Thanks for the advice all. Intro done. the number I can see is 715
  4. Hi all, Always loved watches. Have a collection of 12. I was recently sent 6 pocket watches which has inspired me to fix and repair. Hope to learn and help other members
  5. Sorry guys, I thought my intro was posted up. I’ll get that done they get the relevant information. Appreciate the responses
  6. Hi all, complete noob here and just started my watch repairing/fixing journey. I have search the forum and online, but I’m struggling to find the information I need. I am currently working on fixing an old oris watch that was my grandads. Unfortunately for me the pinion on the third wheel went flying from my tweezers. I have had a good look, but it’s gone. my question is, how do I know I’m ordering the correct size ? Any help would be really appreciated thank you
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