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  1. Thanks for the input guys. I've done a few dials and only even use a cotton bud and water. I was hoping that there might be a tried and tested technique for removing fingerprints specifically. Having said that, I've now taken a close look at the mark under the scope and rather than sitting on the surface as I originally thought, it looks like it's actually discoloured the surface. I'll just give it a very gentle clean and concentrate on the movement and case! I've never worked on a UG so looking forward to getting my teeth into it.
  2. Hi all This is my first advice request so be gentle with me! I've just bought this 1945 Universal Geneve from a "popular auction site" for the princely sum of £112 which to me seemed a bit of a bargain. It's a non runner but was running when it was put in a drawer a few years ago so I'm not expecting any issues with the movement. The question I have is around the dial. I love the general patina and given that the watch is over 75 years old I think it's in pretty good shape (my dad is 75 and he looks far worse)... Clearly though, in the dark and distant past, someone has handl
  3. Hi everyone I'm setting out on my watchmaking journey having been an avid watch collector for some years. My grandfather was a part time watchmaker in Liverpool so I grew up around movements and built a basic knowledge into my teens. I'm now looking to retire early after a career in financial services and an keen to keep myself busy doing something I really enjoy. I'm loving the sense of satisfaction from getting a basket case back up and running and have recently managed to rescue a couple of Omegas (601 calibres), a very poorly Polerouter and a lovely Smiths Everest. I've co
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