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  1. Thank you! Not sure if I need a new post for this... but since you asked! Got a Benrus model A10 (eta 390) that I've serviced and with a fresh mainspring. It runs way to fast. I've tried: New mainspring (had low amplitude to start) Demagnetize New hairspring and balance wheel from a donor I got the amplitude up, but the numbers are the same even after the transplant: The beat error especially is what is throwing me off- its virtually unchanged with a different balance so it must be something on how its mounted? Any ideas would be
  2. Greetings! I'm impressed with the depth of knowledge and help on this forum! I'm thrilled to find this awesome resource. I'm in the beginning of my journey in watch repair. I'm a former automotive tech turned desk jockey. I fell deep for the magic of watches and it didn't take long for me to want to open them up and see how they work. I was thrilled to use my hands again, and watches take up less space than project cars, so the wife is happy too! I've passed the first 2 levels of Mark's courses, and they were immensely helpful. I have "serviced" a few junk movements, broken a decen
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