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  1. Now for cleaning... 1) Zippo ultrasonic bath for 5 minutes for everything except the escape wheel, pallet fork & balance/hairspring. 2) Remove from bath and peg wood all jewel holes & anything else that looks dirty. 3) Zippo ultrasonic rinse for another 5 min. 4) One-Dip escape wheel, pallet fork & balance+hairspring. Hand clean end stones & jewels on regulator w/ One-dip also. 5) Treat escape wheel & pallet stones with Epilame.
  2. Excellent link...Thank you The article uses "mainspring and slipping attachment" rather than the what has been referred to now as a "2 piece mainspring." It older terminology is more useful regarding oil selection. 8200 appears to be the correct choice for possibly all bumper automatics assuming they all use slipping attachments.
  3. So how much slip are we talking about here if I use 8200 rather than a 8217 on an automatic? My Elgin bumper 607 has some weird stuff going on with possible over-stressing the small "ratchet wheel lever" (I don't know what to call it because I can't find a part number) Here is a picture...My guess is when the watch is almost fully wound, the rotor just moves back and forth over a few teeth and doesn't swing the whole way OR there isn't enough slip to keep from over stressing the mechanism. My thought is I might want a bit more slip in the winding spring....Any ideas? (Pictu
  4. Thank You...I might be picking your brain later. I was careful to remove the regulator 1st and unhook/unscrew the balance wheel hairspring before doing anything else. I'm looking into a product called One Dip to see if there is a consensus on its beneficial use. I had a bit of luck while looking for parts movements and picked up what looks like a NOS round case bumper. I'm not sure if it's a 607 or a 618 because I'm trying to locate a tool. I thought a "screw-ball" would do the trick but it is really stuck. Beautiful though and almost/maybe 70 yrs old.
  5. So...Instead of sending it out, I decided to go on a shopping spree. I'm now researching lubricants and cleaners. Expensive little hobby you folks have here. (And yes...I have a couple junk 607 movements to play with before the good one gets messed with)
  6. Only thing I can see is the balance jewel cover shape & maybe the stem??? But aren't all the "BA" stems the same?
  7. Thank you for the welcome and advice. I'll be sending it off soon & will report back when it's wrist ready.
  8. This little watch intrigued me so I wanted to see it for myself. I wasn't planing on liking it so much, now I'd like a full restoration. The problem is that it's my 1st non-Swiss watch. I have no idea where to send it. Does anyone know a 607/618 expert?
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