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  1. diferent is on the 7009 and 7s26 i see this mistake a lot of times example 7s26 A/B is same on the balance 7s26 C is diferent
  2. an 7005 barrel is the same and pallet fork and balance
  3. can we have the number of the movement? or photos ?
  4. very nice pdf @Nucejoe i am traditional too in some cases personaly i dry the epilame with air dryer and the v105 with air
  5. i have the same problem with 2824/2 revercing wheel, the Auxiliary Reversing Wheel in particular. i use Lubeta v105 personaly
  6. if you wind manualy the Oscillating Weight moves? the wind is harder with automatic bridge ?
  7. its one piece put it in and tyrn anticlockwise/clockwise to check it The part no is 197/1 without 195 witch is the barrel arbor
  8. if the quartz watch run fast the first is the circuit ic or crystal if you try to unscrew the as @LittleWatchShopsaid (its correct)use a nylon on your screwdriver if you dont have the adjustment tool But you can't adjust for seconds. if i remember right
  9. some battery changers here not watchmakers push the back cover very hard and the cover hit the battery or have a contact for this movement I'm putting on some kind of insulation. between the back cover and the battery
  10. i use elma for the first jar second jar i have heavy and light the heavy is clear gasoline the light is benzine personaly i hate isopropyl and 5 min in the heat 3 down 2 up especialy in seikos with graphite grass i have very good resorts second usage is 4 min with greiner in ultrasonic water water isopropyl heating my oppinion first is very good high clearance on rubbies and very good amplitude with new mainspring 250+ par example on cupilard 233/(older version of fe 233/60) on eta 2824 2892 7750 290/300
  11. use the upper bridge to avoid to damaging the center wheel
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