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  1. Thank you. Very much appreciated.
  2. If no data sheet is available for a specific movement (EB8800), how do you know where to oil? I’m assuming that I would follow the directions of another data sheet and oil the same parts with the same oil.
  3. I saw Donegan on Amazon and it shows that it ships from China. If you look at the seller detail you find this, very suspicious. I’m buying mine from Esslinger. It costs more but at least you know what you’re getting. Business Name:shijiazhuangqiamiaoshangmaoyouxiangongsi Business Address: hengshandajie280hao yuanshixian shijiazhuangshi hebeisheng 050000 CN
  4. Are all EB8800 movements the same size whether it’s a 1 or 17 jewels?
  5. I never new that, now I do. Thank you.
  6. For my very first project I decided to take apart, clean and reassemble an old pocket watch. It's an EB 8800 17 jewels. I looked it up and this movement show it's 1 jewel. I'm a little confused. Mine shows 17 jewels. See photos below. This is the one I looked up. This is the one I have. It says 17 jewels. (sorry for fuzzy pic)
  7. I found the same problems with cheap lenses. They may work for some and not others. I think I’ll invest in good quality glass.
  8. You’re probably right. Than you.
  9. watchweasol, That was an informative site now maybe I can explain myself better. I’m looking for a count up bezel that incorporates the numbers as part of the bezel itself without the need for an insert.
  10. I'd like to replace a bezel with one that has the numbers but does not an insert, all one piece but I'm not sure what this type of bezel is called. See photo.
  11. Yes, I understand that. From what I understand is that the unidirectional bezel is made that way for the divers protection.
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