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  1. to me, this looks like an Asian 7750 Movement. But they come in at least 2 Versions (read the Story in the Replica-watch-forum...). I believe you could use a Stem from an ETA 7750 on this Movement, i believe it should fit. But....the Stem could be either wit S0.9 or S1.2 Thread and the Crown has to have the same Thread as the Stem. Additionaly you have to bring the Stem to the correct Lenght, so the Crown will have a snug Fit. This is not so easy.... hope this helps a bit Ernst
  2. Thank you for the welcome, i hope i can sooner or later also contribute something useful, for the start comes here a Picture of my first self-assembled Watch, based on a Sellita SW200-1
  3. Hello All, i got the Virus ! (bad Joke those Days...) the Virus called Fascination for mechanical Movements. It all started so easy; my main Watch is a Tissot Heritage PR 516 GL, which i got as a Gift for my 60. Birthday some Years ago.... (and yes, i had a Tissot PR 516 GL without Heritage about 45 Years ago; another Story...) to make sure this Watch gets a long Life, i was looking around for a "spare Movement" for this Watch, you never know. So i have read a lot about my Watch and the Movement ( a ETA 2836-2), and the more i have read, the more i got attracted
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