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  1. Thank you for the welcome, i hope i can sooner or later also contribute something useful, for the start comes here a Picture of my first self-assembled Watch, based on a Sellita SW200-1
  2. Hello All, i got the Virus ! (bad Joke those Days...) the Virus called Fascination for mechanical Movements. It all started so easy; my main Watch is a Tissot Heritage PR 516 GL, which i got as a Gift for my 60. Birthday some Years ago.... (and yes, i had a Tissot PR 516 GL without Heritage about 45 Years ago; another Story...) to make sure this Watch gets a long Life, i was looking around for a "spare Movement" for this Watch, you never know. So i have read a lot about my Watch and the Movement ( a ETA 2836-2), and the more i have read, the more i got attracted
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