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  1. Ok, I will take this chance to practice my fault finding. Thanks canthus I will check those pieces out when I have it apart. Thanks for the seller to I wasn't sure whether to order parts or to order a whole parts movement if some sort
  2. Probably just better off doing a full service huh?
  3. Ok, I can give it a shot. Haven't done a chrono before. Will have to watch some videos first
  4. Here is the full video. Through my speedy in there at some point to see if the bell was keeping good time https://photos.app.goo.gl/5vikwMT8r718rRv67
  5. Here is the sped up video. Watch when it hits 1020 it's like it gets stuck https://photos.app.goo.gl/1tmajtpRUJ1AZ1Vn8
  6. I'll run that test tomorrow. If it is running slow during that time period would that indicate a problem of some sort?
  7. I figured it was probably ok. Just wanted some more opinions. It doesn't bother me at all I just wanted to make sure something wasn't wrong with it.
  8. I would guess around 30ish hours. I haven't actually checked it, but it seems to run 24ish hours after I am done wearing it before it stops completely. Also did you mean 10pm to 2am when it starts to change the date/day?
  9. Hi guys back again. Thanks for all the help you all provided when I was troubleshooting the bulova, it is running amazing now. I have a 6139 Chrono that looks great on the timegrapher. It is running at +8 s/d and 0.1ms beat error, it keeps awesome time when I am wearing it, but for some reason when I leave it in my watch box overnight it seems to lose a couple of minutes. The hands dont seem super loose or anything so the only thing I can think is the calendar works slows it down when its switch day/date? Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Just wanted to update this thread again. It was indeed my fault for using the wrong cleaner to clean the pallet fork. I got the new parts movement yesterday, installed the pallet fork and was having the same issue. The escape wheel looked fine but since I had another I went ahead and swapped it in and voila, it is ticking away and I cant hear or see anything wrong with it now. I inspected the old gear, but I just cant see anything wrong with it. Even compared it to the one I swapped in. Looks great on the time grapher now. Thanks for all of your help in this. Mostly, I ne
  11. Whew, the impulse jewel is safe...
  12. Dang I didn't think about the roller jewel dissolving too. I used some generic jewelry cleaner on the fork. I just lighter fluid on the balance complete. I'll check it. I am currently sourcing a 10bzac movement for the fork. I think Dave's watch parts has one. Waiting to hear back
  13. Solved I think... I decided to give everything another look and low and behold the pallet fork stones basically fell out while I was inspecting it. I decided to check them with just a little pressure and the moved. Best to get a new fork or can these be glued back in?
  14. Also here is what it looks like on the timegrapher after it decided to run. The beat error was something like 9.9ms before I adjusted it.
  15. Thanks so much for all the suggestions, troubleshooting alone is super frustrating. I did inspect the teeth on the escape wheel under magnification for a full rotation and didn't see anything out of the ordinary Here are some more videos of it running. Excuse the potato quality. I was filming from my ipad through a magnifier. Though it seems to have decided to start running since last night. The only thing I did different since this was to give the balance complete a lighter fluid bath Bulova 23 issue https://imgur.com/gallery/PN5Ocr7
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