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  1. Thanks for the interest guys, to be honest, if it's not such a simple fix I don't think it's a good idea to try adjusting it myself. I too am baffled as to why there is a change after the service and it makes me doubt the competency of the watchmaker.
  2. I've had a watch adjusted like this before but I've never attempted it myself. To be fair, it is only marginally out but before it was serviced it was fine!! Poor choice of watchmaker unfortunately- he denies there is anything wrong with it!!
  3. I thought it might be too easy that way!! Thanks for the advice, I will remove and reset them
  4. Hi everyone, I would like to adjust and align the date wheel with the dial window. The movement is a 2824. Is it possible / acceptable to adjust the dial over the movement by nudging (and I guess bending the dial feet slightly) is this feasible? Is there a recommended method to this??
  5. Hi everyone, My 2824 changes date at 11.25. I was thinking if it is possible / acceptable to nudge the minute hand (and maybe the hour hand) into position without removing them and resetting them?? Is this standard practice for a setting or will I risk damaging the gears or movement?
  6. Yes that's what I thought. If I move the escapement with a pin there is no pressure at all from the wheel and certainly no snap. I've had a good look at the gear train but can't see anything. I'm tempted to let the main spring down and start disassembling. I've never done it before and I do not have oils to reassemble so I may have to give in to a service after all.
  7. I used this diagram and I removed the winding bridge to access the lever so I'm pretty sure I adjusted the right lever?
  8. So, removed the balance assy and even with a good wind there is no resistance on the pallet fork and escapement wheel - if I move the fork left to right the wheel turns with it. Surely there should be force from the main spring to push the wheel against the fork???
  9. BTW , the first repair guy said the reason why I need a new Assy is because the spring has become unattached from the wheel and it's very difficult to reattach it!! He said the spring would be bent out of shape if he tried. Appreciate all of your help by the way
  10. Yes the watch was working. I set the pointer to 0 and adjusted the main regulating arm. I didn't touch the spring. If the balance is out of beat, will the wheel run at all??? I have since been to see another watch maker and he didn't seem to be interested when he realised it had already been opened by someone else. He said £300 service is needed !! It's all getting in a bit of a pickle now to be honest - most of the watchmakers I have spoken to are not interested in fault finding - they simply offer a full service!!!
  11. Watchmaker thinks a new balance Assy is needed, but he can't find it in stock anywhere and can't guarantee it will fix the problem
  12. Hi Anil, No, that wasn't the problem. I took the watch to a watchmakers yesterday a he thinks there is a problem with the pallet fork / balance staff. I'll update the thread when I hear more. Fingers crossed.
  13. Hi, the watch is about 18 months old. I've had a really good look with the loupe and I can't see anything. I've also given it a quick blow with the hair dryer and no luck. The hair spring looks ok, I can't see that's it's out of shape at all. Looks like it will need a service I guess
  14. Hi willfly, thanks for your reply. I haven't got a puffer but I have used a hairdryer on cold setting in the past. I'm building my tool collection so a puffer will be next on the list! I guessing that something may have dropped into the gear train or hair spring area - I've just picked up a loupe so I'm going to have a good look. My fear is that it started up again for a few minutes so if something did drop in there it may well have been ' dragged in'. I was very careful when I removed the caseback and I don't remember knocking anything. Someone on another forum suggested to slacken the
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