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  1. Hi Ed, I'm new to the hobby and wrestling with the same issue you are having on an AS1187/94. There is a string on the Facebook "Watch Repair Lessons" Group with this discussion linked below. Basically, the movement has had multiple versions of shock resistors over it's life. You probably have the incorrect staff that was installed by a watchmaker of the past. The quick and dirty solution is to add a shim under the balance cock. I was advised to use brass shim stock by one of the group members. I picked up brass shim stock from a hobby shop so I hope it works. The other option is to get th
  2. Hello all, I've just finished up the level 3 watch repair course. A big THANK YOU to Mark for putting the courses together. It was a great introduction to the craft. I'm completely new to watchmaking. I'm currently on a mini retirement due to the pandemic and desperately needed this to keep my mind sharp. Well, back to looking for the shock spring that flew to God knows where.
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