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  1. I bought this book from book depository last year. Quite happy with it. Good focus on reparing techniques and very good tips on reparing wristwatches. I couldnt get the copy from any other only bookstore and I though that was sold out. Suprinsingly BD had a few for sale.
  2. I have a Bergeon 5378. It costed me a fraction of the price of Bergeon 8935. Quite happy with it. If I was considering buying an hand fitting tool nowadays I would probably consider one with derlin tips like the Horotec ones with replaceable tips.
  3. Ok, if you are only considering ergonomics than its fine!
  4. My opinion: just check if they are antimagnetic! This is probably one of themost relevant aspects. I have similar ones and they are not antimagnetic and one of them is always magnetized. Searching data from then sent links is not stated that they are antimagnetic.
  5. I have the same problem as mention by Alexndr. The spring is mado out of copper (seems to me). The small dimensions put another question...what to use in order to shape the spring? Did anyone solved this successfully? BR Henrique
  6. Hi Geo, Yes, that was my first option, but none was available. So, due to that I was even consider to get a new one. Regards, H.
  7. Hi, Some of my projects are stopped due cracked jewels. This means is a motivation to move into jewel setting activities. Recently bought a setting jewel machine. In order to measure the inner jewel diameter, as shown by Mark Lovick on the related video, he uses a calibrated set of jewels inserted on a plate: the Jauge Seitz. Seems to me the best, and the most efficient way to measure the inner diameter. Are they still available on the market? Are there other suggested options? Thanks in advance, Regards, Henrique
  8. Some more contribution: engraved marks. Movement_Engraved_Marks.pdf
  9. Hello everybody! Does anyone knows a good resource book/document about shock spring systems? Thanks in advance, Henrique
  10. Ok, I sloved it by using the thinnest oiler. The thinnest screwdriver was way to thick.
  11. Yes CB, the Bergeon 5483 looks very similar.
  12. Hi, For 2 of my projects, change the balance staff is mandatory. Currently I'm considering which are the best tools to carry out this job. Buy a Platax tool is not a priority. I have a modest staking set, but I need some extra tools to take this operation smoothly as possible. Bergeon 5483 was a possibility but the price makes me think twice...how about to use some of the assorted stakes and punches that come with the Platax? Does anyone recommend a budget tool to carry out this job? My main concern is the deformation of the balance arms as pointed out by clockboy on a previous post. I think that a compromise between pressure on the staff and correct clamping on the balance arms must be achieved.
  13. Hello everybody, I'm new to Watch Repair Talk forums. I would like to ask for some help regarding one problem that I'm struggling with.The topic is: regulator pins that can be found in movements like 12.68Z, Tissot 27 and Tissot 194.1 just to name a few. This type of regulators do not have a slot for the screwdriver in order to open it (usually located on the top of the regulator pins) as presented in some of the videos posted by Mar nor the inner post has a lever to "open" by the inside (like FHF 96). I can see that there is a hole in one of the posts, the outside one as can bee seen in one of the pictures in attachment. I try to insert the tweezers tip in order to open the regulator to remove the hairspring. I have been not successful and by the way I bend the hairspring... I have been trying with the Tissot 194-1, a lady's wristwatch, very small in size, and all the issues assume a paramount importance. I have been looking into the web, literature but I couldn't find any topic on this. 1) There is any strategy recommended by you to tackle this problem? 2) There is any special tool to carry out this task in a safer way? Thanks in advance for your time, I would appreciate any help on this case! Best regards, Henrique Santos
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