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  1. Nice one.. Cant wait to get mine one :) thanks Lee & Geo Question - how exactly do u test in 6 positions?
  2. Hey Geo, Thanks a lot for your response and recommendation.. Yea Im looking at same model. Check out this listing # 310972879917 on ebay.. He has got awesome feedback and he gives 1 yr warranty.. He is from US and has a physical shop so yea, I get a good feel about that. Im not sure if it can test in 6 positions though. I have asked him the question. Waiting for his response
  3. Hey all, Can anybody suggest a good timegrapher machine, which is not overly dare for a beginner? I see quite a few on ebay for eg http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=310972879917 http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=121355079562 (The second one can test in six orientations) Has any of you tried these chinese versions of witschi? I would love to hear from you all before I invest my moolah into'em. Regards Ash NZ
  4. Howdy to all. Its amazing to see how this forum is flourishing exponentially. Mark deserves a lot of credit for pulling this together :thumbsu: I need some help with restoring a mineral glass. I believe it is possible to polish a mineral glass by removing the scratches. I have never tried it myself but would love to give it a go. I understand that its just not worth investing so much time polishing it esp if its a round glass which costs only couple of dollars. However, it might be worth for some odd shaped glasses. Have any of you guys performed that before? I would love to hear all the different approaches. Thanks a lot in advance Ash (NZ)
  5. thanks a lot to Autowind, Craig, SeikoWatch & Mark Lovick for their comments. i have been thinking of building something similar to what LeArsi shows on youtube. looks like a good nifty project :) Most of all, really appreciate the wearm welcome i have received on this forum so far. Glad to be a part of it. i have got one more queestion re Watch crystal glass. I will make a seperate thread for it. Regards Ash NZ
  6. hi WillFly, thanks a lot for your comment. that machine is called 'demagnetizer'. if the movement runs freely on magnetizer, that generally means gear train is fine. it also means the fault lies either in coil or circuit. i do have one of those already. its a cheap chinese one but does the trick :) I was more keen on learning how to fix the circuit, if possible. I have succesfully fixed few coils. they are not too bad. Le arsi has got a good video on it Cheers for your help :) Ash
  7. Hello to all, My name is Ash (from NZ). Im a watch enthusiast and trying to learn more about Horology. I have been picking odd watch repair jobs here and there and self-learning. Firstly, thanks a lot to Mark Lovick for uploading fantastic videos on youtube that are so simple to follow. Keep up the great work Question - is there a way to diagnose quartz watch circuit using those test probes (that have an LED inbuilt) or perhaps using a multi-meter? For some watch movements such as Myota 2035, it makes sense to replace the whole movement. In other cases, it make sense to repair it (if possible). Is there a way to narrow down the faults in quartz watch? For instance, if a watch is gaining/loosing time, it could be the quartz crystal out of freq etc. how can it be scanned appropriately? Im not sure if its even possible or not. Hopefully I could get some help here. Thanks a lot in advance Ash
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