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  1. Thanks Jersey Mo, I really appreciate the feedback! Yeah, it is just the digital readout on my caliper that is no longer working. I measured the broken crystal to be between 30mm and 31mm, approximately 30.5mm, but obviously could not tell what the tenth of a mm it is. Are these considered single domed in todays vernacular, or other? Do you know if there are any parts references out there for Timex vitage models out there? I have already found all the old catalogs and the service manuals, but not service part cross listing. Is there are profile or brand of crystal that is most tr
  2. Hello, I am trying to sort out what crystal i need to order for my 1961-62 Timex Marlin. It is pre-dial code, with only the "Made in Great Britain" written at the 6 o'clock marker. Looking through past Timex catalogs, got me to the actual model which is either 2014-2261 or 2017-2262, I believe. In any case, I recently broke my calipers, and the crystal itself is broken in half following a crystal press mishap. Additionally, when I look on O.Frei or other parts stores, I am also realizing that I do not know what type of crystal would be best for replacement here. Clearly it is a domed
  3. Hello, I have been collecting watches for a few years now, and have interests across the spectrum. I am most interested in vintage watches, but do still have a number of modern pieces as well. My collection consists primarily of Seiko and Timex, but I also have some Accutron, Vostok, Rolex, Omega and Zenith as well (amongst a few others). I have done some of the basic cosmetic watchmaking tasks of crystal replacement, gasket replacement, and case cleaning/polishing previously with success. I am an engineer by occupation, so my desire to learn watchmaking is primarily at the hobbiest le
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