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  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I will give this a shot if I fail to find an easier solution (I don't expect an easier one haha, just still fishing). Unfortunately I do not have another dial with similar corrosion to experiment on so I will be going in raw on this one when I do attempt a fix. Jamie
  2. Does anyone have any experience cleaning up tarnished numbers? I have a 1962 Timex Marlin that needs a little bit of work to really show it's potential. The dial is in nice shape for the most part other than the numbers....I would be open to any suggestions?? Thanks in advance! Jamie edit: I suspect the tarnish was caused by deterioration of the lume dots that have NOT aged well...
  3. I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I started collecting watches on a budget a few years ago and have been trying to teach myself repair through youtube and cheap mechanical watches I can play with to learn as I go. I am relatively new to watch collecting and repair, and although I collect mechanical watches in general, I have started focusing on collecting vintage Timex mechanical watches (1950-1970ish). Most are watches that I have purchased broken and have cleaned up and gotten working again would love to connect with other Timex enthusiasts as well as learning any tips and tricks
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