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  1. Hello again guys! @WatchMaker thanks a lot for you patience and detailed information. I now can see how the markings evolve and the reason why my watch movement has more than one reference number stamped on it. As for my watch's current situation (@Watchtime also asked about it), from my lay point of view this is what is happening: 1. The minute and hour hans respond to the crown being turned clockwise or counter-clockwise, even when the the crown is depressed. 2. When the crown is turned, the day indicator changes every 24h, but the date indicator does not move at all (it is st
  2. @WatchMaker, thank you for the clarification. As a newbie, I very much appreciate the detailed information. I am now planning on disassembling the watch, so I can identify the missing parts (if that's the case). It will take me a while, but I will eventually post more info here. Meanwhile, I still find the reference numbers confusing and I hope you can help me out with a bit more info. As I understood, my watch movement has two "names": 1902/03 and 1906. and by that I mean movements 1902/03 and movements 1906 are exactly the same thing. I have read the data sheets and compared the pi
  3. Hey guys, thanks a lot for your replies! WatchMaker and Nucejoe, you are both correct and I appreciate your input. I reinspected the watch, this time using a reversed camera lens as an improvised magnifier. The following is engraved under the balance : AS (logo) 1902/03 1906 Does this means it is a 1906 movement? What about the other information engraved? Thanks again.
  4. Hello guys, I'm a newbie in the forum, and to watchmaking in fact. I would sincerely appreciate if you guys could help identifying a movement in a Waltham wristwatch I've owned for a couple of years. While I am an expat and do not know a local watchmaker who could assist me with this, I see it as an opportunity to learn about horology. My next step will be purchasing a pocket watch movement to disassemble and reassemble. I've downloaded the tool guide and the illustrated glossary of parts shared in this forum, and intend to use them as references. Back to the Waltham wristwatch, it w
  5. Hello guys, I decided to join the forum because my small watch collection is growing. As it does, I am facing new challenges and I hope to learn from you. I do not have any technical background on watch repair, but that wasn't really a problem while I had access to a trusted watchmaker who would assist me with my crazy ideas projects. But for a few years I have been an expatriate, and so far I haven't found a professional I can trust where I currently live. My current headache restoration project is the Waltham you can see in the pictures below. I was told its movement is missing pie
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