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  1. Hello was wondering if anyone knew of any reference books or websites that list hand sizes by calibre. I have a stem and staff reference book and these have been invaluable.
  2. Thanks Mike, Will let you know how I get on.
  3. Hi Mike, Thank you for your help that is definitely the same calibre as mine. I have looked at those websites that you suggested but I haven't had any luck finding a replacement click. Is the click just an L shaped spring or is it similar to the ones found in the Smiths W10 watches (see below)? You mentioned the click is similar to those used in Seiko watches could these be used at a pinch? All the best Kieran
  4. Hello everyone I'm currently stripping down a smiths astral calibre 94 wrist watch and have discovered that there doesn't appear to be a click. I thought this was the case as the Watch wasn't holding any wind before stripping it down. has anybody worked on this calibre before that knows of any parts available? Please see the photographs below. Thank you.
  5. Hello all, I am servicing a pocket watch that is missing it's original stem and was wondering if there is an easy way to find a replacement. The calibre of the movement isn't known so I cannot simply look online for a replacement stem. Is there a method for finding a stem i.e measuring the hole or is it a case of going through hundreds of stems to find one that's suitable?
  6. I thought I'd like to share with you the first watch that I bought which kickstarted my obsession. It's an IWC Borgel cased officer's trench watch dated 1916 with a Cal 64 movement. The dial has faint lettering for an Edinburgh retailer and I haven't been able to decipher the initials on the back.
  7. Hi JDM, Thanks for your message I live in the UK near Carlisle. I will follow your advice
  8. Hello all, I'm looking for a reputable watch repairer to service a Smith's Everest Automatic 25j wrist watch and was wondering if you had any recommendations. The watch is needing a clean, oil and I'd like to have it calibrated. Thanks Kieran
  9. Looks really nice . I polish my cases and acrylic crystals with autosol metal polish which does a great job. For brass and nickel cases I apply a coat of lacquer otherwise they tarnish.
  10. Hello everyone I have a deep interest in vintage watches and watch repair and am trying to learn as much as I can about the subject. I normally service pocket watches but have recently started to service wristwatches too. Looking forward to hearing back from you all. Kieran
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