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  1. Again thank you all very much for taking time out of your day to give me all this information for free. I'm not used to this. This is helping me so much! Jasper
  2. Dear all, I was able to attach a different hairspring which I was able to get semi straight. However the amplitude is just awful. Please find below pictures and two videos. Could you please advise? Thank you!! VID_20210120_120355.mp4 VID_20210120_120855.mp4
  3. JDM is completely right. But honestly I think the hairspring would be a tall order even for an experienced watchmaker now... I'll be taking pictures today. Honestly to me this is really the hardest part of the whole watchmaker thing. Hairsprings are so delicate and my hands don't seem to be steady enough yet, especially my left hand. And as jdm said, I just learn from Mark's course. I wish I could learn this in person. Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, I was able to reinstall press the stud into the moveable arm. Which was great practice. However the hairpspring is beyond saving now. Thanks again for all the help! Jasper
  5. Thank you jdm. I will try this tomorrow and update!
  6. Dear Mikepilk, jdm and John(s), Thank you so much for these elaborate responses. You guys are correct where exactly the hairspring is bent. Seeing that replacing is not an option I have tried to fix it still attached to the balance cock. During this the balance detached from the balance cock. Now I see that where the regulator pin for the beat error adjustment is, the spring wire is almost vertical. I must have hit it when I adjusted the movement. I'm suprised that it is that way since I didn't know I hit it. This proves how much of a novice I am. Still I have tried to flatte
  7. Just wanted to follow up. Hairspring is def bent. Will have to order a new movement. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Dear JohnR725 Thank you for your reply. No it will not run anymore. Even when loosening the balance bridge. I have taken pictures off the hairspring and I do see that it takes a huge curve up. I think this might be the issue. Does that mean the spring is bent? Did I install the balance perhaps incorrectly? Can this be corrected? Thanks so much.
  9. Dear, I regulated an NH35 movement. I got it perfect. No beat error and -2/+2 seconds. Amplitude was high and healthy. After a few minutes it stopped ticking. After moving it a bit it started but the amplitude was below 130 and the timegrapher hardly got a reading. Now it doesnt even move. I removed the balance complete and checked that the pallet fork has power (see video). It does have power I reinstalled the balance complete and checked if the hairspring moves freely (see video). It does I uploaded some pictures so you can check the hairspring. I have also ch
  10. Hi, I'm Jasper from Belgium and I followed Mark's course. I am an absolute amateur but will enjoy joining the forums and posting my questions! Thanks
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