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  1. Hello Everyone! Looking for assistance in locating a Seiko mainspring or a mainspring that would work with the 29C UT movement. From my understanding the movement is part of the 66B / 6620B family. I have a Seiko #401660 but have not been able to locate this spring by this number anywhere I've looked. I did do the manual calculations for the mainspring required which are as follows: Length 351.50 mm Height 1.33 mm Thickness .09 mm Any help would be appreciated. Ed...
  2. Hi everyone! I know this is a very basic question but I need some light shed on the subject. So I have several watches I have serviced and are ready to be re-cased but prior to doing so I would like to replace some of the Plastic / Round crystals. My issue is this, I have visited many of the suppliers websites and have no idea what there abbreviations stand for. I have measured my existing crystals both diameter and height but from here I'm at a loss. All of the watches I am replacing the crystals on are center seconds type. All of the crystals I am replacing have cracks in them so Poly W
  3. EdB

    29C UT

    So the first photo is the setting that I am trying to replace the end stone into, the second is the end stone and retainer, the third picture shows the setting complete on the other side of the mainplate. These are for the escape wheel.
  4. EdB

    29C UT

    Watchmaker, Just off the Cousins site and there is no download for the 66028, the search brings up two omega downloads.
  5. EdB

    29C UT

    Thank you I'll have a look again on Cousins with the Seiko number.
  6. EdB

    29C UT

    So I have a question in regards to replacing the end stones on the pallet fork, I'm not sure what this system is. I was able to remove it using the same process as the Inca bloc setting. But for the life of me I can't get it back in the movement. I pinged it away a couple of time but was able to locate the retention spring. It is the type that looks like a U with a tab at the bottom and the two legs curve out. There in no cut away like with some other end stone settings which is making this a task to say the least. Any help / advise would be appreciated. Ed...
  7. Hello everyone! Started a service on my next movement and I am hoping someone has a link for a service / parts sheet for the 29C UT movement. This will be my first movement with the date complication. I currently have the movement disassembled, Pegged out, ran through the cleaning machine and ready for reassembly. I have looked on the Raniff site and found very limited information, Cousins UK didn't have any information either.
  8. Ratchet wheel does not move up or down on it's mounting post at this point in time; I'm sure with a good bump or shock it would move out of position. In current position everything operates as designed. Screws are in the correct places as the winding wheel screw would have a shorter thread and would be reversed as apposed to the ratchet wheel. I'm assuming the ratchet wheel screw currently in the movement had been replaced at one point in time. I have looked over the diagrams for all of the parts and there is no washer shown; so again I am assuming someone changed it down the line.
  9. Ok; all reassembled and running fantastic after some minor adjustments. One this I noticed is that the screw for the ratchet wheel does not screw all the way down there is a visible gap between the screen and the ratchet wheel; possible replaced at one point in time by an incorrect size screw? Or does this movement have a washer that would go between the ratchet wheel and the screw itself? I only make mention of the later due to a video I happened across the repairer stated his had a washer between the ratchet wheel and the head of the screw; seems out of place in my opinion but what do I know
  10. Very useful thank you.
  11. I am currently working on a AS St 1950/51 movement and ran into something I haven't come across before. Is there a special tool to remove the seconds wheel from the gear adjacent to the keyless work? I believe it's part of the motion works. If no special tool is required what is the typical process, it appears to be pressed on; if this is the case when re-installing is there a certain amount of play that should be accounted for? I have attached a couple of pictures for clarification.
  12. A couple of questions one in regards to the AS 1187/94 and the other in regards to mainsprings. So I was able to source a balance complete for the AS 1187/94 and when I installed the balance complete it would not rotate freely when I tightened down the balance cock. I ran into the same issue with another movement different caliber. This on has Inca bloc setting on both the upper balance and lower mainplate. The other movement that had the same issue has capped jewels. I checked the end shake / play and it seemed sufficient, but that's the opinion of a novice. Is there something I should
  13. Duly noted. I am currently soaking balance complete with balance bridge attached as the screw seems to be stuck as well. Not sure at this point if I will get the balance complete removed safely. As this was the part I purchased the movement for in the first place. I am soaking in lighter fluid and having it run in the ultrasonic to see if if may loosen up this way, if not I'll try WD-40 and then coca cola. I did win a L&R Master cleaner off of eBay recently. I am waiting for it to arrive along with some other tools I have won. Is the L&R Extra Fine cleaning solution the way to go
  14. Nucejoe, It's looking to me like a parts donor; whilst inspecting I notice the canon pinon has a broken tooth as well. I sure more cleaning will reveal more issues.
  15. Welcome! This is an awesome Forum; everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful.
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