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  1. Oh no! I thought it was just a straight forward stem replacement. I had no idea that it had to be cut! Is the crown end that needs cutting ?
  2. Thanks everyone I've managed to remove the broken stem from the crown and also released the snapped stem from the watch internal. I've picked up a new stem for £5 and job sorted. You guys are awesome
  3. Thank you for your quick reply, I really appreciate it
  4. Hi, Thanks again and its nice to be here. I've managed to snap the stem on my date and time adjuster on my Rotary Chronospeed. Its not expensive, more sentimental. GS03351 /19 (12881) Could anyone post a link to replacement? Thank you so much for any help
  5. Hi everyone Thanks in advance for the welcome. This is new territory for me and looking forward to learning. Happy new year and best wishes!
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