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  1. Thanks Greg will take a look.
  2. Finally identified the movement as a Buren 370. Needed to replace the stem as I couldn't cut the extender down enough to fit the case. Rebuilt the keyless works and just gave it a few puffs of air and it is now running fine. Thanks for your help everyone
  3. Thanks, I was hoping it was just my search skills letting me down. I can find a few for larger movements but nothing for this size. Guess I will just have to look for a donor on e-bay.
  4. Hi, anyone know where I can source a case to fit an ETA 2660 movement. Can't seem to find anything anywhere but maybe I am looking in the wrong places.
  5. Hi, I have managed to identify the number under the balance wheel as 307 but no sign of a makers mark (may be hidden under a plate). Sorry I can't get a photo but if it helps I think it manufacured in 1961/2 and just sys 17 jewels. The closest I have been able to findon the ranfft site is a Dugena 613 but not too sure,
  6. The Alum worked and I have fitted the stem extender in place. The movement seems to be running well now (has been running for 24 hours so far). I will trim the extender to fit the case tomorrow and will check the time- keeping. All being well it wiull just need a new crystal and be good for another 50 years!. Thanks for your help.
  7. All seems good now. put the stem extender in place and re-inserted into the movement and it seems to run fine.
  8. Thanks, I have it out of it's case but can't stip it any further yet as I am awaiting some screwdrivers and will let you know ASAP.
  9. Good call. Wound it using the ratchet wheel and it straight away. Last time I know it was working was in the mid 70's! It does seem to work fine when "face down" and then stops when turned "face u"p so there may be something else going on somewhere. Have got some Alum powder on order and have bid on a couple of Majex watches on e-bay that look to have similar calibres to see if I can use one of their stems if the Alum doesn't work.
  10. Thanks for the advice- I have just opened an account with them.
  11. Thanks will give that a try. I have applied a little pressure to the balance wheel (just rested a screwdriver on one of the arms) and it seem to work okay but stopped as soon as the pressure was removed. Will try and wind it via the ratchet wheelto see what happens. The watch was is in a gold case - not sure about the crown. Would Alum be okay to use? I guess it would do no harm to try as the crown woud be unusable as it is. I can see part of a thread just above the break to the extender is a good shout.
  12. Thanks Watchweasol. Appreciate the help.
  13. H Nucejoe, I was thinking of starting on a Majex watch that was my uncles. The other are all much smaller watches. I think the only problem is a broken stem (and a scratched glass). I have opened the back but can't identify the movement- the only wording on it is "Majex 17 jewel Swiss made" any suggestins where to look?
  14. Hi, I am just starting out on this hobby and so am a complete novice. I have a couple of old mechanical watches laying around and after years of wondering what to do with them and have time on my hands during the UK Covid lockdown have decided to have a go at repairing them.I Any advice as to what basic tools and reading I would need would be much appreciated.
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