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  1. I don't work on watches yet, so I'm not even a watch repairman. I do work on clocks, but I don't make them...yet. I bounce back and forth between the terms "clock smith", "clock repairman", and "horologist". I like using "horologist" because I get the biggest reaction (most people don't know a horologist is) and that opens the door to a great educational opportunity. If someone asks me what I do, I say that I repair and restore old clocks. I told that to a guy once and responded: "oh, so you're a tinkerer". I plan on getting to the point where I can make a clock and a watch...then I will call
  2. I'm a beginner when it comes to watches, but I'm just about ready to try to service my first watch. I've been gathering tools and just got a Little Giant C. E. Marshall cleaning machine. Can you all recommend resources for watch parts and supplies in the US? Specifically watch parts. I was also wondering about jewel settings. Do you remove all jewel setting when cleaning a watch with setting? How do you keep them organized so they don't get mixed up while cleaning? Maybe there are some threads that already have this info...if so, I missed them. Thanks for your help!
  3. Love that video! It is put together very well and is a clear demonstration to the technique.
  4. Here is a link to another forum that shows other Richard watches, but still not much info. http://forums.watchuseek.com/f11/richard-automatic-first-bumper-my-collection-811557.html
  5. I just got this watch last week. It's a "Richard". What is a Richard? It's Swiss and has 17J's. I did find that is's called a bumper because of the "bumper" audio wind. I can't find any info on this one. Any one know about Richard Watch Inc.?
  6. So, I took the crystal out to polish it, it's coming along...is there a way to get the yellowing out that is over the numbers? Also does the crystal just pop back in or does it need some adhesive?
  7. Well, I got it, and they had $40 on it, came down to $30 when I looked at it about a month ago and came down to $25 today. It's ticking strong, but needs a good cleaning and some cosmetic work.
  8. I just posted about a watch I found today and my question is: Can the dial be cleaned/restored? Please take a look: http://www.watchrepairtalk.com/topic/2390-30-waltham-wrist-watch-should-i-get-it/ Thanks!
  9. So, I need The Complete Price Guide to Watches book and was wondering if it is worth getting the newest one? I found the 2013 book for around $10 and the 2014 book for about $20 online. What do you think? Thanks!
  10. I found a Waltham wrist watch today at and antique shop for $30 no band. I have added a photo I found online that is similar to (but is NOT) the one I found. The watch I found has a smooth, gold case. #24782295 15 Jewels 10K Filled Gold Case The dial is in bad shape (worse than the one in the photo). The movement is running. Do you think it is a good buy? I think it probably is, but I wanted to make sure the dial could be restored before I bought it. The shop had several Waltham, Elgin, and Hamilton wrist watches and an Omega. I wish I know more about Omega. The folks at t
  11. I just got this little Elgin #2955179 for $50. It is running, but I'm sure it needs some cleaning. What do you think? Did I do ok? This is not my first pocket watch to own, but it is the first one I have bought.
  12. I was looking through some of the old tools that I don't use and found this. Is this a watch tool? What is it for?
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