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  1. Thanks for the reply , i don't know much about the workings of watch's but it seems like the spring is broken because when you wind it up it clicks like it is winding for two turns then sounds like it releases the tension off the spring and seems to whiz.
  2. I have uploaded some more photos but if these don't tell you what you need to know then i will get a friend who has a better camera to upload some for me but i think these will be ok . The case maker stamp is JD . Thanks
  3. I have had a look at the case marks and think it dates from 1890 but is too late for the maker .It is an original case as the number on the dial is stamped on the case .Posted some more photos and hopefully will be a bit clearer .Thanks
  4. Thanks for the information KarlvonKoln . Has anyone got anything more precise information about date and repair etc .Thank you
  5. I purchased 3 broken watch's last week as scrap but one looks like it might be worth repairing . Its a Hunter pocket watch and it has a number on the face 14342 along with some silver marks and IMC . The cover is missing but the face is in good condition apart from a hair line crack .I have opened it up and it is looks like the signature says Jac McCabe ,Royal exchange . Any information about the date ,information on the maker and is it worth repairing ? The watch owes me nothing as the other watch's i bought with it will cover the cost if I resell them .If worth repairing does anyone know whe
  6. My name is Steve and i don't pretend to have any knowledge about clocks but just seem to be drawn to them and they keep turning up in my house ?.
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