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  1. Cheers, I dont mind blueing myself. I was going to buy from a popular on-line store but it's not worth finding out steel is crap after all the work's done. I have lots of small lengths that I've collected with various antique purchases but scared to use it because I dont know its origin. I'm guessing there's ways to test the steel with chemicals.
  2. Hey Freewheel, From what I've discovered, piano wire has too high carbon content resulting in a brittle pivot. I dont know the quality of the blued steel sold on-line for the purpose of making pivots. Can anyone suggest where to source a suitable steel among commonly found parts in general industry?
  3. Can I turn up a balance pinion from piano wire? Softening before turning?
  4. I'm an electronics tech and digital media designer/producer with tinkerer, repairer and bush engineer thrown in. When I was 6yo I was given a plastic clock for my birthday that I could build and dismantle easily as well as a mechano set, thats pretty much when it began. That plastic clock got repaired hundreds of times ? As a teenager I went through a drawer in my Grandads garage and found a pocket watch that a I sort of fell in love with, I remember it wound up and ticked when i swivelled it next to my ear. After my Grandad passed away I don't know what happened to it but always remembe
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