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  1. I think I answered the thickness question. Testors is thick enough to bridge the gap. Now need to work on cleaning the excess on the ribs of the hand on the underside. Lacquer thinner, I’m guessing
  2. Thanks for the responses so far. I was wondering about flat enamel. Anybody use anything else to get the match? If the enamel doesn’t turn out right, is it easy to remove from bottom on hands?? Also, will the Testors gap the opening in the hand, or does it need to be thickened somehow?
  3. Wondering what everyone’s method/material is for color matching very old lume on watch hands. I don’t want it to glow, just refill the hour hand to match the old minute hand, as the radium “paint” is gone from the hour hand.
  4. I have seen them advertised and understand the non-static part and lower risk of scratching plates, but not sure about durability or overall performance. anybody use these?
  5. Okay, so that whole edge moves out when the watch is wound?
  6. I’m just curious where it is on this one. I’ve seen Patek pocket watches and wristwatches of this design (don’t worry, this is an internet image.) I’m assuming that the click is hidden under the thin plate over the barrel and that you would remove those three screws and the click would be there? Anybody have a photo with that removed?
  7. I have been collecting and servicing watches for 15 years, but only as a hobby. Had the good fortune to have an older watchmaker friend give me a few one-on-one lessons back in the mid 00’s. However, I’m still a rank amateur, only servicing 5-10 watches per year. Clean and oils, a few balance staffs, etc. I’m here to learn much more from the many knowledgeable folks on this forum. Thanks!
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