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  1. Googled founds on on ebay but ended on 5 Feb 2021 :0( missed them can't find any others so will keep looking Thanks again :0)
  2. Thanks guys Im quite happy to try rubbing in jewels its just finding the jewels if difficult bit lol Will try and find friction jewel converters on google Thanks for the advice all
  3. Sorry mistyped its pleiades
  4. Hi Im having great difficulty getting hole jewels for bridge on a Tavannes pleaded pocket watch they are rub in type, not straight sided. Have googled searched ebay for weeks but no joy. Is it possible to adapt bridge to use a straight side push in, friction jewel instead of the rub in ones. I have also looked for a donor watch or a bridge but no joy there either Thanks
  5. Hi Neibour :0) hope all well Thank you
  6. Hi thanks Mike yes know what you mean
  7. Hi John thank you, the nearest that look like mine are 480, 500, 530 thanks bill
  8. Hi John Stem numbers would be great and would be nice to know how you came up with them also as good to learn :0) Thanks Bill
  9. Hi John Have looked at them and there appears to be 4 that are the same unfortunately the file downloads as jpg and not to scale so cannot lay over to see sizes :0(
  10. Hi Only have the bottom half of stem so dont know if fixable or how would do it ? http://jalbum.net/a/2004081 Thanks
  11. Hi movement measures 38mm yes I need a new stem the one that was in watch is broken
  12. Have done bit of googling for marks and fond swiss makers marks The AM triangle - A. Michel TR in shield - Ebauches trust Cant fins anything about these though can anyone help ? Thanks
  13. Hi Have found these marks under dial on movement plate and photo of keyless works http://jalbum.net/a/2004029
  14. Look at cortebert as suggested earlier looks similar but all the ones i have looked at the balance bridge curves to right where's this kinda curves left ? Thanks oldhippy, I will post photo of keyless work tomorrow, hopefully will shed some light Many thanks
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