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  1. Thanks all. Cousinsuk is out and most of the USA sellers as duties and shipping costs double the price. Sadly buying from my native UK is out of the question from now on for everything until this "deal" is adjusted. I have tried the following. Meranom, Favinov, Chistopol City, Bestrus, Ritmm540, Soviet Market, Vostok official store and poljot.
  2. I'm looking to make a start on my second custom build and fancied a Boctok. I wanted to start with a 2415 automatic movement but NOWHERE online has stock. Is there a general shortage or is this a recent thing?
  3. Hello chaps and lasses. So... Im new here and although been a lover of watches for a looong while I have only recently got into working on them. I have just finished my first custom build based on a Seiko NH35 movement. I'm a Brit but have been living in Hessen (not too far from Frankfurt and Fulda) for almost 8 years now. By trade I'm a mechanical design engineer having designed parts or products ranging from military antennas to mobile phones and card payment machines. I'm a dab hand at electronic too but rather focused on hobby projects and not general stuff (I rely on the
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