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  1. Sorry to resurrect this thread but I’m still struggling to get my head around this and I suppose there is no point in me not getting to the bottom of my query while I’m trying to learn....... My new Vernier Gauge arrived today so I measured the stem, which was 1.1mm. Now, this is the outer width of the thread so I assume the stem thread is actually 1mm. The case does not have a pendent tube fitted and you advise that I fit one - does that mean that the case would have originally had a tube fitted that has been removed? If that is the case, once I have fitted a pendant tube shou
  2. Can anyone tell me whether the winding stems for a Raketa cal 2609.HA & 2614.H are interchangeable?
  3. Evening all, I’m trying to refit the balance in my project watch and have installed a new balance complete, however, the impulse stone now doesn’t line up with the pallet as when installed it is opposite the fork. How do I deal with this please?
  4. Having started out on the watch repair course and spent some time tinkering with a few starter projects (with some success), I am pondering whether to attempt to service one of my main watches, which just recently has not been running very well and seems to be lacking in the power reserve. The watch is a Breitling Colt Chronograph Automatic (A 13035.1) with a Valjoux 7750 movement. Now, I can obviously download the service sheet and I have seen that Mark also has a service video online of this movement (or very similar). I find marks videos informative and easy to follow..... add that to
  5. My latest project watch is a BFG 866, which states that it is (was) waterproof to 5atm. I have a stem but am missing the crown, there is no threaded tube on the case, so its not a screw down crown, but I’m struggling to find the right replacement. The stem is 1mm diameter, the opening in the case is 2.5mm and I believe the crown should be 5mm. I assume the crown should have a tube with a rubber seal of some kind.....? Am I best buying one of those cheapo eBay jobbies with assorted crowns?
  6. Sorry, poor explanation. I found this picture from a previous post that better explains the issue. The small pin circled in red has snapped off. As you can see in this image, the pin seems to act as a guide for the spring so if I buy a new bridge (with the pin and boot in place), how do I refit the spring / balance wheel without bending this pin?
  7. I had great success today stripping, cleaning and rebuilding a Baumgartner BFG 866. However, when cleaning the balance, the spring somehow separated from the bridge....... I couldn’t work out how so attempted to simply bend the small pin that holds the spring in place and managed to snap it clean off I can see the parts a readily available on cousins so I can buy a new balance bridge, however, can someone tell me the correct way of re-installing the balance wheel/spring without having to bend the little pin?
  8. Is it a specific part you are after or just a general source of parts?
  9. How do you mean? I am looking to offer something for free...........
  10. Thanks. Makes sense, just because it works for one doesn't mean it works for all. Is there a specific thread for the "pass it on" section mentioned in the thread posted above?
  11. Good Morning Mods! I was wondering whether there was any appetite for a Classifieds section where members could offer items for sale and / or post wanted ads? I am a member on another (Hi-Fi) forum where this works quite well, it has no direct association with the forum and items are offered for sale at the individuals risk. There is also a "spirit of" section where members offer items for free or usually stipulate that a donation to charity is made. The actual sale logistics i.e. payment / shipping is agreed via direct message between interetsed parties.
  12. After stripping down my latest project movement I have removed the coils (2 of) to test them with my multimeter but am getting no continuity. The coils appear to be in good condition and when I inspect with a loop, I can see the tiny wires are still in place......... A quick search online turns up a replacement for one at nearly £200!! Before I give up and scrap this movement are there any other options to repair / replace the duff coils at a reasonable cost? IWC Meca Quartz (Cal 630), part No. 20.590 & 20.590.1 Thanks
  13. Thanks. Would a compound such as Polywatch be ok to use?
  14. I started playing with my latest project today, carefully stripping down and cleaning each piece individually, I came across some minor surface rust. I soaked the parts in degreaser and initially went at the part with peg wood to loosen the surface. I then re-cleaned them and had a go with a fibreglass pen before cleaning again and soaking in oil for 10 mins. The results look ok under general magnification but not so great when looking closer. How far should one go with such surface rust and what would be the correct next step in dealing with it?? Thanks.
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