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  1. As a retired medical radiation physicist, I would be very wary of radium as it's half life is 1600 years (as opposed to tritium which is 12 years), which means it's strength won't diminish in our lifetimes for sure. So, I personally would not wear a radium dial watch 24/7 as it is close to the skin, constantly exposing with alpha, beta, and high energy gamma rays (so sticking radium hands in a typical lead box doesn't really do much), and the radiation level varies from watch to watch. Granted, it's probably small, but is cumulative over time and increases significantly the closer it gets to you. And, as has been previously pointed out, inhalation or ingestion of radium particles is especially bad as now the radium is up close to internal organs like the lungs. Also, proper disposal of radium is tricky as it's effect never diminishes.

    Companies that dispose of radioactive material as a business have state licenses that they must adhere to; watchmakers? I doubt it.

    https://www.livescience.com/39623-facts-about-radium.html#:~:text=Radium emits alpha particles (two,according to New World Encyclopedia.

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  2. Hi all, I took Mark's courses about a year ago, and am hooked. Frustrating yes, but I've learned so much (most of all, what I don't know!). I love to acquire watches not running well or not at all, and try to revive them.


    Now here's my latest problem:

    It's a vintage Ernest Borel that I just can't get out of the case. I've removed the back and the crystal, hands, crown/stem, and all the parts accessible from the back, but the movement will not budge.


    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


    Thanks much





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