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  1. Thanks to everyone! I'm busy all day but when I get back I'll see what I can do about opening up the alarm clock and a few back. Ciao!
  2. Hi again! I'm Chris and I'm a total noob here. I posted an introduction that will give more back story to what I'm doing here and what I hope to accomplish. So the following are watches that I inherited about 15 years ago and that have been wondering around my garage in a box waiting for me to do something about them. Most aren't very valuable, at least I'm guessing that Timex's aren't collectors items, how ever they might be the perfect brand for a noob to start of with. I dunno, maybe they're not even worth that, that's why I'm going to post everything I got. But I also know that a few
  3. Holla All! I’m Chris, from San Diego. I’ve inherited a small butt-load of watches (I believe that’s a horological measurement) about 15 years ago, I thought I would have them repaired as I could afford them but instead they've all just languished in a box in the garage. Recently I've been watching watch repair videos on YouTube and I thought it might be an enjoyable challenge to repair them myself. I know a few of my watches holds at least some monitory value but the majority hold only sentimental value. Way back when I brought most of them to a local jeweler to get repair cost for t
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