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  1. Thanks everyone for your input. I bit the bullet so to speak and with a solid pen knife and a bit of additional force, out it popped. So am now pleased and thanks again to you all
  2. Nickelsilver. Thanks for response, I have tried that. There even appears to be a small cut out to help but it won’t budge. Clockboy. Thanks for the response. I thought the same, in fact I thought it was a kind of circular spring, but on close inspection under the microscope it is actually part of the body. The stem part is part of the crown and rotates easily. I think as Nickelsilver suggest it is probably just stuck. I’ll try a bit more force. Thanks again for all your help.
  3. Thanks jdm, it’s not obvious from the photo but the crown stem isn’t restricted by the body. There is a cut away, but thanks anyway.
  4. I hope someone can help me here please. I have bought a Trafalgar watch from the bay which is a front loader and I cannot remove the works. I have managed to remove the bezel and dial etc but the works are still very secure in the body. I can’t see any securing screws and don’t really want to use any excessive force. I have attached photos. Would very much appreciate any guidance.
  5. Thanks very much for this watchweasol. I have looked at and pondered over it for a few days and although there is a spring that holds a gear in place it is fixed, so I’m struggling. As a novice I’m reluctant to start dismantling the auto mechanism if I don’t have to. However assuming I have to does any one know in what order the screws have to be released. Sorry for sounding dumb. I have attached a photo in case someone recognised how best to do it. As always I really do appreciate your help and guidance.
  6. Thank you all for your advise. I will have a go myself. May I ask further advise please. Does anyone know if the automatic winding unit comes off as a complete unit or will I have to dismantle it to the component parts. Again any advise will be really appreciated.
  7. I have a Sicura with a Ronda Matic 1239. It’s a long story, but basically I sent it for service and it came back worse, so I decided to have a look myself. I’ve already found one fault and rectified it but I have now discovered that when releasing the click there is no power coming through. (Even after manual winding) I have concluded that the main spring is broken / not engaged. I don’t like to knock anyone because we all have bad days but is it possible that the chap put the barrel / spring back incorrectly. It worked fine before I sent it. Any help greatly appreciated.
  8. Thanks very much all, for your help and guidance.
  9. That’s brilliant, thank you. Much appreciated
  10. I’m a novice and apologise in advance for perhaps asking a stupid question, but I can’t work out how to remove the rota on this watch. Others that I have seen have an obvious central screw! All help greatly appreciated please.
  11. I am new to the hobby of watch investigation, I say that because I spend most of the time looking at the movements rather than actually managing to repair any just yet Anyway I would like to buy a binocular microscope, but don’t know what one would be best for my level. I need one that will give plenty of access for my clumsy fingers and tools needed and give adequate magnification. I don’t really want to invest too much money, so am looking for recommendations for a reasonably priced entry piece of kit. All advice greatly appreciated please.
  12. Good evening all. I have always enjoyed owning a few watches but since the pandemic have bought a few more and taken up tinkering with them purely as a hobby. I am slowly getting braver and getting into the mechanism a little at a time. I have managed some very basic work and want to learn more. Hope to be able to share with you and perhaps receive some guidance.
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