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  1. I picked up one of those soviet era stereo microscopes (8.75x) which was suggested earlier in this thread. It did not come with a stand but for just £14 it seems really decent and a stand is not that hard to make. The only slight flaw is that the inter ocular position does not have the required friction and flops around too freely, probably just worn I guess.
  2. You are right, when I re-read the Cousins info I belatedly spotted the fact that it was a clock mainspring winder. I will definitely keep it. Thanks for responding!
  3. Being very, very new to this watch repair lark, I have been flea baying to see what I could find with regards to mainspring winders. Came across this for less than £5 but it does not have any of the attachments I have seen with other similar winders. I vaguely resembles a winder on the Cousins site. The handle turns anti clockwise. I this a wasted fiver or potentially use able? Thanks.
  4. Hello all, Very, very new to this watch repair lark but reading and Youtubing my way along. No doubt you will see some exceedingly stupid questions coming along from me shortly. Thanks.
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