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  1. Here's my latest entries into the 404 club. A nice little haul of Casio's costing me a princely sum of £3.09 each posted. Pretty tatty and grubby to say the least, not all will buff up, but I've had great fun tinkering with them. They all work now despite the battering they've taken. The one on the far left is my favourite, must be from the late eighties. It had lost it's beep. Though after about 10 mins over lunch it got it's voice back and proudly beeps away quite nicely.
  2. Love the green dial, with those white hands it's got a minty thing going on. It's begging for one of those gold elasticated straps. When you finish it, wear it with pride, possibly when no ones looking. Still building up courage to wear my one. Certainly a conversation piece.
  3. Thanks Spectre, I'd love to see the "leprechaun pimp" watch if you've a photo by way of a comparison. Unless it's too hideous its an offence to watchdom! Despite the looks of my "golden nugget" I'm pleased nonetheless with my success. Out of all the watches I've tinkered with this one by far keeps the best time. I'll have to wear it in secret, unless there's a 1970's fashion revival at which point I'll fit right in.
  4. Good evening, I thought I'd share my latest achievement. I'd been building up courage to take on a day/date watch after my previous success with an automatic. This unloved golden nugget came to me as a non runner and fairly grubby. With one of those Russian Slava 2428 movements with the double spring barrel arrangement. Thanks to my cheap ultrasonic cleaner and the great advice I received on the forum to safely polish it. It buffed up a treat. Sadly the innards had suffered from an excess of oil, which had damaged the balance spring, and the day wheel, where the painted finish has s
  5. That's very kind of you to say VWatchie. It's been getting a lot of use, partly to monitor my handy work and I'm pleased to say it's still running. You're right it is a Poljot 2616. So many jewels, so much oiling practice. I found it great to work on. Hoping to have another ready to show off at some point in the future.
  6. Good evening, Does anyone have any tips/tricks or experiences on cleaning gold plate (by hand) on watch cases without wearing through the gold plate? Perhaps with some common household products? Thanks in advance for your help
  7. Hello and welcome Jason, I'm in a similar boat to yourself, though I have caught the bug now. I've started out with the cheaper tools. I only tinker with cheap watches. I've managed to disassemble and reassemble a few now, and I'm pleased if I get one working and keeping reasonable time. Gradually building up to more complex things as my confidence grows. Much along your line of thought. From experience I can vouch for the Anchor grease and a number of their tools which are functional, there are better out there for sure. I'm slowly upgrading as needs and budget allow. I was cleaning
  8. PastorChris, happy to oblige . Not so much a frustrating journey this time, as having spare parts to hand made it a pleasure if not a luxury. I count myself lucky to come by them. A great learning experience and something to pour all my focus into for period of time.
  9. Funny you should mention it. I cleaned a Timex date wheel last Friday with warm water/washing up liquid and a cotton bud. It worked on the most part with the dried on oil, and then for the stubborn stuff I used a little lighter fluid gently working it in with the cotton bud. This is all I have to hand and depends on how the date/day numbers are applied, so go careful. I'm sure there are better methods, and someone will be along to share. I'm no expert. Good luck, post a pick of the before and after.
  10. Thanks JohnC. Having some broken/partially dismantled donors as spares was a god send, as it gave me the confidence to give it go before trying it on the real thing. I used a pair of tweezers in both hands and gently positioned/held and rotated until all three legs were in. The lume I was very pleased with, my first go at it to. I chose a teal colour as it didn't look green in normal daylight. If interested I can post a lume shot!
  11. After looking long and hard at it I had, had the same thought and drew the exact same conclusion you have. I didn't do it in case there was a more elegant fix. I agree by bending the tip down for the teeth to catch on it is only putting off the inevitable. Thanks for the tip in looking for other movements that's most helpful.
  12. Welcome Dmitry. Your intro reminded me of my brother in law's beloved Tag Heur which he took for a battery replacement only for the local fine jewellery/watch establishment to destroy it and hand it back to him in plastic bag! A true story, you're not alone. I'm new to the hobby too, there's loads to learn, have fun.
  13. Good evening. I thought I just give you a little update as you were kind enough to share your wisdom. I had a interlude from Project Sekonda to look at the Timex as curiosity got the better of me. JerseyMo, you were spot on with your diagnosis, yes indeed the click was worn. On close inspection there's a groove worn right into the click by the ratchet teeth. Is there a way to repair this or is it a case of looking for donor in the hope it's got a less worn click? Many thanks again
  14. Thought I'd share another triumph, for me anyway. I'm still new to this game and don't have a dedicated work space and only functional tools. Picked up this 1970's "30" jewelled automatic wonder just before Christmas. It wasn't without issues. In it's past someone had poured a load of oil into it (smelt a bit on opening) and it took a while to clean it all by hand, soaking this and pegging that. I was lucky enough to find parts which proved invaluable and educational. I even plucked up courage and practised removal and lubricating shock jewels which was a first for me, still have a healt
  15. I'll have a guess. Is it some sort of variable current spot welding device. I wouldn't want to use it with all those exposed parts! Be careful....
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